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MUDE - Museu do Design e da Moda . Colecção Francisco Capelo

MUDE - Museu do Design e da Moda . Colecção Francisco Capelo
MUDE is a home for all design forms. A space where people can meet and consider design, that develops a temporary exhibition programme, an educational activity and an editorial policy. But it is also a space for experimentation and creation, for presenting the proposals of new creators, encouraging new research and creating dialogues with the visual arts and architecture, the cinema and dance, music or science.

The museum is being developed as a “work in progress”. While it respects pre-existence, it is far from the classical idea of a museum, affirming its unique architectural identity. Over the following years, the museum will undergo a process of constant change, with its activities occupying and changing over its different levels, according to the architectural works. The museum is conceived as a dynamic, experimental, open and innovative project that local and foreign visitors can follow and be a part of it. That is why we gave the name MUDE, which means CHANGE in Portuguese, highlighting the museum’s wish to redesign the concept of a design museum and search new forms of displaying, communication, management and also urban development.

The permanent exhibition presents some of the most important design and fashion pieces from the 20th century: unique works looking to (re)invent the Present and create the Future. Today, many of these works are timeless objects that continue to amaze or lead us to reflect on our own age. With no visual barriers, the exhibition is set in a stark, half-ruined space; a major production staged through objects, space, sound and image. Organised in terms of historical period, the various groups are arranged so as to stimulate parallel dialogues between the pieces, the periods and the designers on show. Every visitor will find their own interpretation, make their own way through the exhibition whether allowing themselves to be seduced by the pieces or strolling among the different visual dialogues presented to them.
Rua Augusta, 24 1100-053 Lisboa
+351 21 888 61 17

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