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Quinta das Rosas

Quinta das Rosas
The Quinta das Rosas, a Forestry Reserve situated close to the town of Madalena, is a pleasant leisure space with a picnic area, small lakes and other recreational facilities.

One of its most notable features is a Maroiço, a characteristic structure of the island of Pico, consisting of a mound built from loose stones and resulting from the need to remove the excess stones from the soil.

In the Quinta, you will find a remarkable variety of botanical plants, such as the tree fern, originating from Australia, aucubas, camellias, hibiscus, trumpet plants and bush lilies. Also to be found here are a number of fruit-trees, such as avocados, almonds and plums, as well as various large-sized trees, such as planes, palms, horse chestnuts, araucarias and dragon-trees.
Madalena - Ilha do Pico

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