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No Tecto do Mundo

No Tecto do Mundo
Place: Porto
No Tecto do Mundo

At the tourism industry, as a tour operator since 2006, No Tecto do Mundo® considers touristic entertainment an asset in the construction of touristic programs and tailor made experiences, which allows each visitor to experience our region as an inhabitant.

To us traveling through the north of Portugal, means getting a deeper knowledge of our people and our traditions, our art and history, the gastronomy and the wines that we produce, among so many other great things.

With the touristic brands NTDM specialized tourism & eccentric experiences we offer a variety of unique circuits and thematic activities with the purpose of allowing everyone who join us the opportunity to use all the senses, so that they can truly hear, smell and feel our region. 

Strolling through the north of Portugal we discover monuments, castles, churches, and a variety of constructed patrimony since the origins of Portugal.

It is this region and their unique cultural identity that gives us character and define us.

No Tecto do Mundo
Casa da Companhia - Rua das Flores, 69 - 1º/SL 5
4050-265 Porto
+351 220 968 100/1
+351 220 968 102

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