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Bars and Discotheques


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  1. Bars and Discotheques
    Adega do Botirão

    TEL: +351 234 382 867

  2. Bar da Praia
    Bars and Discotheques
    Bar da Praia
    Privileged view, Quality Services, Good Energies, SURF & SEA!

    TEL: +351 262 086 385
    MAIL: bardapraia@gmail.com
    WEBSITE: www.facebook.com/bardapraia.baleal

  3. Bars and Discotheques
    Bar de Gelo Viseu
    Tons of ice brought directly from the Canadian glaciers has gone into the making of this experience. Everything within the bar is made of ice, from the walls that surround you, the seats you sit on, the amazing sculptures and even the glass that you (...)

    TEL: +351 232 483 111
    MAIL: bardegelo@visabeiraturismo.com
    WEBSITE: www.bardegeloviseu.com

  4. Bars and Discotheques
    Bar Discoteca Kings and Queens

    TEL: 213977699
    FAX: 213977699

  5. Bars and Discotheques
    Bar do Guincho

    TEL: 214871683
    FAX: 214879034
    MAIL: info@bardoguincho.pt
    WEBSITE: http://www.bardoguincho.pt

  6. Bars and Discotheques
    Bar Fonte Pipa

    TEL: 219234437

  7. Bars and Discotheques
    Bar Klass

    TEL: 214428394

  8. Bars and Discotheques
    Bar Labirinto

    TEL: 226063665

  9. Bars and Discotheques
    Bar Margarita's Bar

    TEL: +351 962569501

  10. Bars and Discotheques
    Bar Panorâmico do Hotel Oslo

    TEL: +351 239 829 071
    MAIL: hoteloslo@sapo.pt
    WEBSITE: www.hotel-oslo.web.pt


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