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Zoos and Aquariums


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  1. Fluviário de Mora
    Zoos and Aquariums
    Fluviário de Mora
    Discover the rivers and lakes. Their inhabitants. Their secrets. Their beauty. The Fluviarium in Mora, only the third of its kind in the world, offers you the chance to gain first-hand experience of many of the inhabitants of the rivers and (...)

    TEL: +351 266 448 130
    FAX: +351 266 446 034
    MAIL: fluviariomora@mail.telepac.pt
    WEBSITE: www.fluviariomora.pt

  2. Jardim Zoológico de Lisboa
    Zoos and Aquariums
    Jardim Zoológico de Lisboa
    Located in the center of the city for 120 years, the Lisbon Zoo is an important park where education and amusement is encouraged. The Zoo has one of the best zoological collections in the world (almost 2000 animals of 400 species) and offers a whole (...)

    TEL: +351 217 23 29 00
    FAX: +351 217 23 29 01
    MAIL: info@zoolisboa.pt
    WEBSITE: http://www.zoo.pt

  3. Monte Selvagem - Reserva Animal, Lda
    Zoos and Aquariums
    Monte Selvagem - Reserva Animal, Lda
    Visit Monte Selvagem.This park is only a 1-hour journey from Lisbon, Santarém or Évora and has various animals of different species, kept in excellent conditions, and offers many playful activities for children. Spend a fun day out with all the (...)

    TEL: +351 265 894 377
    FAX: +351 265 847 188
    MAIL: geral@monteselvagem.pt
    WEBSITE: www.monteselvagem.pt

  4. Oceanário de Lisboa
    Zoos and Aquariums
    Oceanário de Lisboa
    A visit to the Oceanarium, designed by the American architect, Peter Chermayeff poses a constant challenge to our knowledge, at all levels. Inhabited by 15.000 animals and plants representing over 450 different species, in 30 tanks containing more (...)

    TEL: +351 21 891 70 02 - 21 891 70 06
    FAX: +351 21 895 57 62
    MAIL: info@oceanario.pt
    WEBSITE: http://www.oceanario.pt

  5. Parque Biológico de Vinhais
    Zoos and Aquariums
    Parque Biológico de Vinhais
    The Biological Park is a public space installed by the Town Council of Vinhais, within the Montesinho Natural Park. Its purpose is to help interpret the landscape of the region, not only its natural components such as flora, fauna and geology, but (...)

    TEL: +351 273 771 040 / 933 260 304
    FAX: +351 273 771 040
    MAIL: geral@parquebiologicodevinhais.com
    WEBSITE: www.parquebiologicodevinhais.com

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