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Tours and other tourism services


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  1. Tours and other tourism services
    Take a ride from Alcochete to Lisbon along the banks of the River Tagus on board the ?Alcatejo? boat.Built in Aveiro in the 1940s for use on the River Tagus, this boat was restored by Alcochete Municipal Council in 1987 and is now used as a pleasure (...)

    TEL: +351 234 86 55
    FAX: +351 234 86 95
    MAIL: postoturismo@cm-alcochete.pt
    WEBSITE: www.cm-alcochete.pt

  2. Datatour
    Tours and other tourism services
    The DataTour is a registered tourism company which organizes guided tours and for all who enjoy the natural and cultural heritage.Our goal is to provide different activity options for people with youthful spirit and open, regardless of age and (...)

    TEL: +351 936 500 047
    MAIL: geral@datatour.pt
    WEBSITE: www.datatour.pt

  3. Beautiful Portugal
    Tours and other tourism services
    Beautiful Portugal

    TEL: +351 919 714 850 / 961 811 111
    WEBSITE: www.beautiful-portugal.com

  4. Tours and other tourism services
    Barcadouro - Sociedade de Turismo Fluvial e Terrestre, Ldª.
    BARCADOURO is a tourism event company with our leading product being Cruises on the River Douro. We began operations back in March 1996 and currently run three vessels: the "Pirata Azul" with a capacity for 250 passengers, the 200 capacity (...)

    TEL: +351 22 372 24 15
    FAX: +351 22 372 31 16
    MAIL: geral@barcadouro.pt
    WEBSITE: http://www.barcadouro.pt

  5. Tours and other tourism services
    Boat Tour on the Mondego River There?s a boat waiting for you on the river. It will take you to see Coimbra in a different way. From Parque Dr. Manuel till Lapa dos Esteios, the city seems much more beautiful, in perfect connection with the river. (...)

    TEL: +351 96 604 06 95
    FAX: +351 239 912 444
    MAIL: odabarca@basofias.com; reservas@basofias.com
    WEBSITE: www.basofias.com

  6. Caves Cálem
    Tours and other tourism services
    Caves Cálem
    Cálem has been producing top quality Ports since 1859. Today, after 150 years of history of success we give you the perfect chance to experience our unique guided tours. We start in the museum where you will learn more about the Douro Demarcated (...)

    TEL: +351 22 374 66 60
    FAX: +351 22 374 66 99
    MAIL: turismo@sogevinus.com
    WEBSITE: www.calem.pt

  7. Winelands Tours & Travel
    Tours and other tourism services
    Winelands Tours & Travel
    Winelands Tours & Travel is a company specialized in wine tourism and winery events. It organizes gastronomic getaways, wine tours for individuals and groups, and selected wine tastings.To give information about the destination and its people (...)

    TEL: +351 21 324 20 00
    FAX: +351 21 324 20 09
    MAIL: info@doc-dmc.com
    WEBSITE: www.winelands.pt

  8. Tours and other tourism services
    Wine Moments - Wine & Gourmet
    Sense and Meet the Douro inside - learn more about Grapes and Wines (Scripts, Tasting, Workshops, and Events) We organize your stay and occupy your time, teaching and making known all the best the Douro has to offer.

    TEL: +351 965 802 038 / 965 000 161
    FAX: +351 254 323 187
    MAIL: geral@winemoments.pt
    WEBSITE: www.winemoments.pt

  9. Cruzeiros Algarve Seafaris
    Tours and other tourism services
    Cruzeiros Algarve Seafaris
    Starting from Marina de Vilamoura along Algarve spectacular coastline with beautiful beach?s, impressive rocks, marvellous grottoes, plus maybe see Dolphins.Catamaran Liana and Yacht Moena , full day cruises, half day cruises and sunset cruise. We (...)

    TEL: +351 289 302318 / 289 313980
    FAX: +351 289 314898 / 289 314839
    MAIL: info@algarve-seafaris.com
    WEBSITE: www.algarve-seafaris.com

  10. Clássico Porto
    Tours and other tourism services
    Clássico Porto
    At Clássico Porto, we are aware that tourists are always aspiring to get to know the city as completely as possible; therefore all our services were designed and defined to creating unforgettable and complete moments.We organize various types of (...)

    TEL: +351 220 933 327 / 915 400 900
    MAIL: info@classicoporto.com
    WEBSITE: www.classicoporto.com


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