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  1. Adegamãe
    Tours and other tourism services
    Innovation / Tradition / Wine Tourism It is the soul of Adega Mãe, the primary reason for its existence. The love of wine paves the way for a variety of activities, such as: - Guided tours of the winery with tasting - Guided tours of the winery (...)

    TEL: +351 261 950 100
    FAX: +351 261 950 626
    MAIL: geral@adegamae.pt
    WEBSITE: www.adegamae.pt

  2. AGIC-Associação Portuguesa dos Guias-Intérpretes e Correios de Turismo
    Tours and other tourism services
    AGIC-Associação Portuguesa dos Guias-Intérpretes e Correios de Turismo
    The Portuguese Association of Tourist Guides and Tour Managers (AGIC) aims at providing high quality, competent, licensed tourist guides and tour managers in different languages. We offer services for individual travellers and/or groups for short (...)

    TEL: +351 93 110 85 40
    MAIL: info@agic-portugal.com
    WEBSITE: www.agic-portugal.com

  3. Tours and other tourism services
    Aldeias do Xisto - Aigra Nova

    TEL: +351 235 778 644
    MAIL: lousitanea@sapo.pt
    WEBSITE: http://www.aldeiasdoxisto.pt

  4. Aldeias do Xisto - Candal
    Tours and other tourism services
    Aldeias do Xisto - Candal

    TEL: +351 239 991 393
    MAIL: catraiadocandal@portugalmail.pt
    WEBSITE: www.aldeiasdoxisto.pt

  5. Tours and other tourism services
    Aldeias do Xisto - Pampilhosa da Serra

    TEL: +351 235 598 615
    MAIL: turismo@cm-pampilhosadaserra.pt
    WEBSITE: www.cm-pampilhosadaserra.pt; www.aldeiasdoxis (...)

  6. Aliança Underground Museum
    Museums and Palaces
    Aliança Underground Museum
    The Aliança Underground Museum shelters an exhibition that is displayed along the traditional wine cellar of Aliança Vinhos de Portugal. Exhibiting seven distinct collections, this museum contemplates areas such as archeology, ethnography, (...)

    TEL: +351 234 732 000/45
    FAX: +351 234 732 005
    MAIL: undergroundmuseum@alianca.pt
    WEBSITE: www.alianca.pt

    Tours and other tourism services
    Travel around Algarve in a 100% electric Tuk Tuk. The greatest way to discover one of Europe’s best kept secrets, Algarve, Portugal, is through our Tuk Tuks: 100% electric, eco-friendly, flexible, fun and open-air. It will be a memorable (...)

    TEL: +351 96 633 76 64
    MAIL: vchaveca@allgav-it.pt
    WEBSITE: www.allgav-tuktuk.pt; www.facebook.com/allgav (...)

  8. alltodouro.com by Greengrape
    Tours and other tourism services
    alltodouro.com by Greengrape
    FEEL DOURO! Throughout the Douro Valley we get lost in the beauty and charm of the oldest Demarcated Region of the world. By train or by boat, the Douro invades the senses. The sun reflected in the river. The golden light, the vines. It is a region (...)

    TEL: +351 939 312 449
    MAIL: greengrape@greengrape.pt
    WEBSITE: www.greengrape.pt

  9. Aqueduto das Águas Livres
    Aqueduto das Águas Livres
    The Aqueduto das Águas Livres is an important engineering work from the 18th century, built to supply water to the city of Lisbon and its surrounding areas.Its most impressive section is the one that crosses over the valley of Alcântara, but, all (...)

    TEL: 218 100 215
    WEBSITE: http://museudaagua.epal.pt

  10. Associação Rota da Bairrada
    Tours and other tourism services
    Associação Rota da Bairrada
    The wine Route of Bairrada, a non-profit association, was established at the end of 2006 with the aim of uniting the various stakeholders in the tourism sector in the territory of Bairrada. Its mission is to organize the offer in a coordinated and (...)

    TEL: + 351 231 503 105
    MAIL: geral@rotadabairrada.pt
    WEBSITE: www.rotadabairrada.pt;www.facebook.com/rotada (...)


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