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  1. Ponte do Arco
    Ponte do Arco

    TEL: +351 255 810 706
    FAX: +351 255 810 709
    MAIL: rotadoromanico@valsousa.pt
    WEBSITE: www.rotadoromanico.com

  2. Igreja de Santo Isidoro de Canaveses
    Igreja de Santo Isidoro de Canaveses

    TEL: +351 255 810 706
    FAX: +351 255 810 709
    MAIL: rotadoromanico@valsousa.pt
    WEBSITE: www.rotadoromanico.com

  3. Monuments
    Igreja da Misericórdia de Monção
    The Brotherhood of Nossa Senhora da Misericórdia (Our Lady of Mercy) was founded in Monção in 1590 although the Church was only built in the 17th century. It represents a transitional period with both Mannerist and Baroque features to this modest (...)

  4. Monuments
    Igreja de São Pedro
    Church of São Pedro The Church of São Pedro was built in the 18th century. Notable features of the exterior include the contrasts of the black carved masonry work that distinguishes Azorean churches.The ample interior includes the main chapel, (...)

  5. Monuments
    Igreja dos Grilos - Porto
    Church from the 16th / 17th c. in mannerist style.

    TEL: +351 22 200 80 56

  6. Monuments
    Forte de Paçô
    This fort was built right on the edge of the beach, only a few metres from the sea, which comes up to its walls in winter.

  7. Monuments
    Forte ou Castelo de Santiago da Barra
    Situated close to the sea, the Manueline Torre da Roqueta is clearly visible with its parapet of merlons and projecting balconies, supported by brackets and machicolations. Its structure is typical of fortified military architecture.

  8. Museums and Palaces
    Museu Geológico

    TEL: +351 21 346 39 15
    FAX: +351 21 342 46 09
    MAIL: museugeol@ineti.pt
    WEBSITE: http://e-geo.ineti.pt/MuseuGeologico/default. (...)

  9. Museums and Palaces
    Museu da Cidade
    The museum is housed in the Palácio Pimenta, a mid-18C summer residence. The living quarters, all decorated with azulejo panels from the reign of D. João V - including a chapel, kitchen, pantry, bedroom and rooms - have been used to reconstitute an (...)

    TEL: +351 21 751 32 00
    FAX: +351 21 757 18 58
    MAIL: museudacidade@cm-lisboa.pt

  10. Monuments
    Convento de Nossa Senhora da Purificação
    Founded in the mid-16th century, this convent's estate was regularly enriched through the dowries that it received from its novices, originating from the region's noble families and coming here to take up religious orders. In 1706, due to years of (...)


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