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Gardens, Parks and Forests


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  1. Gardens, Parks and Forests
    Parque do Monteiro-Mor
    Located in the Lumiar Parish, lies next to the National Costume Museum and the National Theater National Museum.  It dates from the 18th century and it was laid out by the botanist Domingos Vandelli.The park is built on various levels. The upper (...)

  2. Jardim das Amoreiras ou Jardim Marcelino Mesquita
    Gardens, Parks and Forests
    Jardim das Amoreiras ou Jardim Marcelino Mesquita
    Marcelino Mesquita garden, named after the dramatist, poet and writer, is located in the S.Mamede Parish. In 1759 the newly converted area was inaugurated by the Marquis of Pombal with 331 amoreiras (mulberry trees). Its intention was to stimulate (...)

  3. Gardens, Parks and Forests
    Jardim Sena Freitas
    Situated in the centre of Ponta Delgada, the Jardim Sena Freitas is a highly popular place either for resting for a few moments or for enjoying a brief stroll amongst the brightly-coloured flower-beds.Around the garden are some interesting old (...)

  4. Jardim-Museu Agrícola Tropical
    Gardens, Parks and Forests
    Jardim-Museu Agrícola Tropical
    The Tropical Garden Museum was founded in 1912 in the outer reaches of the Palace of Belém on the initiative of Henry Navel. The objective was to promote the study of the flora found in the former Portuguese colonies. Currently, it is run by the (...)

  5. Gardens, Parks and Forests
    Jardim da Torre de Belém
    Until the middle of the 20th century this was the site of "Fábrica do Gás de Belém" (Belém Gas Factory). The remodelling of zone, with the planting of palm trees, as a symbol of the new lands discovered by the Portuguese navigators, took place at (...)

  6. Gardens, Parks and Forests
    Jardim Florêncio Terra
    The Jardim Florêncio Terra, built in the nineteenth century is one of the oldest gardens in the city of Horta.It is a pleasant leisure area, decorated with a bandstand, a small lake and several statues. It is worth taking some time to observe some (...)

  7. Gardens, Parks and Forests
    Jardim do Campo Mártires da Pátria
    The Jardim do Campo Mártires da Pátria is situated in the centre of Ponta Delgada, close to important buildings in the city, such as the Municipal Cultural Centre, the Igreja da Conceição, a church that you can include in your visit, and the Palácio (...)

  8. Tapada das Necessidades
    Gardens, Parks and Forests
    Tapada das Necessidades
    The Necessidades´ Tapada is located in the Prazeres parish since 1604. In 1742 king Dom João V built a larger chapel, a convent and a palace for his own residence, enlarging the surrounding area by his purchase of farmland.In 1843, Dom Fernando had (...)

  9. Gardens, Parks and Forests
    Jardim dos Serviços Florestais de São Roque
    Located close to the headquarters of the Regional Delegation of the Forestry Services, in São Roque, this garden is a pleasant leisure area. It is laid out in the formal style, with flower-beds and paths lined by box and myrtle bushes and trees that (...)

  10. Gardens, Parks and Forests
    Jardim Largo do Infante
    The Jardim Largo do Infante is one of the places that you cannot afford to leave out of your visit to the city of Horta. It is extremely popular amongst the local population, particularly on summer nights. One of its greatest attractions is its view (...)


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