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  1. Termas da Fadagosa de Nisa
    Thermal Baths
    Termas da Fadagosa de Nisa
    Fadagosa de Nisa Spa is located in a region where the Tagus confines with Nisa Municipality for more than 40 km, having landscapes of great beauty.Nearby, there are several important vestiges of the roman presence and of rupestral art, from which we (...)

    TEL: +351 +351 245 799 050 / 927 814 393/4
    FAX: +351 245 799 059
    MAIL: ternisa@gmail.com
    WEBSITE: www.termasdenisa.pt

  2. Thermal Baths
    Termas da Ladeira de Envendos
    Envendos is an ancient locality in the municipality of Mação, not only with important archaelogic vestiges, but also with strong traditions and habits that constitute a cultural heritage of enormous and unique value.Being controverse the origin of (...)

    TEL: +351 276 990 900
    FAX: +351 276 907 359
    MAIL: termas@unicer.pt

  3. Termas da Sulfúrea - Cabeço de Vide
    Thermal Baths
    Termas da Sulfúrea - Cabeço de Vide
    Between Alter do Chão and Monforte, Cabeço de Vide Spa is a quiet and pleasant place, a real oasis in the Alentejo plain.Some vestiges of a balneary, that is supposed to date from Caesar Augustus period (119 B.C.), testify that these waters were (...)

    TEL: +351 245 634 206
    FAX: +351 245 634 444
    MAIL: jfreg.cabecodevide@mail.telepac.pt
    WEBSITE: www.jf-cabecodevide.pt

  4. Thermal Baths
    Termas das Caldas da Rainha
    The foundation of this locality is deeply connected with Queen D. Leonor, the wife of King João II, who, in the 15th century, ordered the construction of equipments to help patients enjoying the benefits of those thermal waters.Caldas da Rainha is (...)

    TEL: +351 262 830 379
    FAX: +351 262 880 579
    MAIL: secretariado.ca@chcrainha.min-saude.pt
    WEBSITE: www.chcrainha.min-saude.pt

  5. Termas das Furnas
    Thermal Baths
    Termas das Furnas

    TEL: +351 296 549 000
    FAX: +351 296 549 001
    MAIL: reservas@furnasspahotel.com
    WEBSITE: www.furnasspahotel.com

  6. Thermal Baths
    Termas de Alcafache
    Situated in the Beira Alta, in the peaceful rural atmosphere of the Dão valley, roughly 9 kilometres from Viseu, the spa is surrounded by a harmonious landscape of vineyards, pinewoods and apple orchards that fill the air with their scent.One (...)

    TEL: +351 232 479 797 / 96 27 95 733
    FAX: +351 232 471 296
    MAIL: geral@termasdealcafache.pt
    WEBSITE: www.termasdealcafache.pt

  7. Thermal Baths
    Termas de Almeida Fonte Santa
    Almeida?s Fonte Santa SPA ? The mineral waters of the Thermal Complex of Almeida sprout on the scarps of the mountains that form the valey through which the Côa River flows at 560m altitude, about 3,5 km Northwest of Almeida, district of Guarda. (...)

    TEL: +351 271 571 123 / +351 271 571 080
    FAX: +351 271 571 081
    MAIL: geral@almeidamunicipia.pt
    WEBSITE: www.almeidamunicipia.pt

  8. Termas de Caldelas
    Thermal Baths
    Termas de Caldelas
    Caldelas Spa is set in a magnificent location at the heart of Minho region, in a zone that witnessed important battles marking the birth of the Portuguese nation. With its particularly mild climate it is an excellent place for therapy and rest.The (...)

    TEL: +351 253 360 160
    FAX: +351 253 361 136
    MAIL: mail@termasdecaldelas.com
    WEBSITE: http://www.termasdecaldelas.com

  9. Termas de Chaves
    Thermal Baths
    Termas de Chaves
    The Aquae Flavie of Roman times, Chaves is located in the heart of the Trás-os-Montes mountain range. It is one of the most important Portuguese spas, as its waters are the hottest in Europe.The exceptional quality of its springs, which include the (...)

    TEL: +351 276 332 445 / 6
    FAX: +351 276 332 447
    MAIL: geral@termasdechaves.com
    WEBSITE: www.termasdechaves.com

  10. Thermal Baths
    Termas de Entre-os-Rios
    In the heart of a park with centenarian trees we can find Entre-os-Rios Spa, a privileged spot where nature appears in all its splendour and magnificence.

    TEL: +351 255 616 059
    FAX: +351 255 615 170
    MAIL: inatel.erios@inatel.pt
    WEBSITE: http://www.inatel.pt


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