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  1. Viana do Alentejo
    Towns and Villages
    Viana do Alentejo
    Viana do Alentejo castle, built in the reign of D. Dinis, was later rebuilt at the orders of D. João II, who held a meeting of the cortes (parliament) here in 1482.It is a walled enclosure with cylindrical towers in the corners. Built against the (...)

  2. Viana do Castelo
    Towns and Villages
    Viana do Castelo
    Situated close to the mouth of the river Lima, 65 kilometres to the north of Porto and 50 kilometres from the Spanish border at Valença, Viana do Castelo was founded in the thirteenth century by D. Afonso III, the king of Portugal, under the name of (...)

  3. Vidigueira
    Towns and Villages
    The existence of a settlement here has only been documented since the thirteenth century. However, there is evidence of the human occupation of this region since prehistoric times. In addition to the megalithic heritage to be found here, attention (...)

  4. Vieira do Minho
    Towns and Villages
    Vieira do Minho
    Located in a very mountainous and densely forested region, the municipality of Vieira do Minho is an ideal place to spend one's leisure moments, with the lakes formed by the dams of Caniçada and Ermal being extraordinarily beautiful. Scattered all (...)

  5. Vila de Rei
    Towns and Villages
    Vila de Rei
    If you imagine a line crossing Portugal from north to south, and another from east to west, Vila de Rei is situated right in the geodesic centre of the country, a fact that is marked on a peak of a geodesic pyramid in the Serra de Melriça, a point (...)

  6. Vila do Bispo
    Towns and Villages
    Vila do Bispo
    The windmills which recorded the fact that for centuries Vila do Bispo was the breadbasket of the Algarve have disappeared. What remains, however, is the charm of whitewashed houses scattered down the slopes of a hill crowned by the looming bulk of (...)

  7. Vila do Conde
    Towns and Villages
    Vila do Conde
    A quiet city that gained in importance and increased its prosperity as a ship-building yard at the time of the Maritime Discoveries. The sea has always had a major influence on the life of the local inhabitants, inspiring the motifs used in the (...)

  8. Towns and Villages
    Vila Flor
    The town was previously known as Póvoa de Além-Sabor, until D. Dinis, king of Portugal, visited the area and was so enchanted by its beauty that he gave it the name of Vila Flor (Flower Town), ordering walls to be built around the town, although all (...)

  9. Towns and Villages
    Vila Franca de Xira
    On the bank of the River Tagus, Vila Franca de Xira is surrounded by fertile plains - the lezírias (alluvial plains), where the campinos (Ribatejo cowboys) keep constsnt watch on the horses and bulls that are bred there. Vila Franca de Xira is (...)

  10. Vila Nova da Barquinha
    Towns and Villages
    Vila Nova da Barquinha
    Located right next to the River Tagus, in an extremely green and fertile area, Vila Nova de Barquinha is a very picturesque place. Opposite it, on an islet in the middle of the river, is one of the most attractive Portuguese castles - the Castle of (...)


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