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Towns and Villages


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  1. Towns and Villages
    Standing in the midst of gentle, fertile valleys, Gondomar is famous for its goldsmith's work, an activity that has been carried out here for several centuries and is believed to date back as far as the time of the Visigoths and Celts. The origin of (...)

  2. Towns and Villages
    Paredes de Coura
    Situated in a region that has many sites of great archaeological interest, Paredes de Coura was particularly important during the Wars of Restoration fought between Portugal and Spain in the seventeenth century. In recent years, the town has begun (...)

  3. Montemor-o-velho
    Towns and Villages
    Overlooking the fertile valley of the River Mondego, the streets of Montemor-o-Velho reveal the town?s long history in all their nooks and crannies and in the many architectural details that it is well worth taking some time to discover.The region (...)

  4. Olhão
    Towns and Villages
    To discover the hidden charm of Olhão you have to go up to the top of the main church tower, the higher point. Only then you can see the hundreds of roof terraces - the "açoteias" -, typical of the Algarve, which create a unique urban panorama, as (...)

  5. Meda
    Towns and Villages
    In the mediaeval period, Meda was the setting for hard-fought skirmishes between Christians and Muslims, since at that time it was essentially a border town. Its watchtower (formerly known as the Torre de Vigia, but referred to nowadays as the Torre (...)

  6. Mondim de Basto
    Towns and Villages
    Mondim de Basto
    Situated close to the River Tâmega, Mondim de Basto was founded in the twelfth century in the reign of D. Sancho I and it still retains many traces of its occupation over the years by the various peoples that passed through here. Overlooking the (...)

  7. Towns and Villages
    Ribeira de Pena
    Situated in a transitional zone between the provinces of Minho and Trás-os-Montes, Ribeira de Pena is located deep in the heart of the vinho verde demarcated wine region. The municipality is crossed by several rivers, which make the countryside cool (...)

  8. Towns and Villages
    The municipality of Maia is highly developed in economic terms and is now an important industrial centre, although it still preserves many of its ancient traditions and customs.Not far away, at the convent of Moreira da Maia, there is a relic of the (...)

  9. Towns and Villages
    Inhabited since ancient times, it was in the Lourinhã region that the most important evidence of the presence of dinosaurs in Portugal was discovered - the fossilised eggs and respective embryos, which are displayed in the Municipal Museum.On the (...)

  10. Loulé
    Towns and Villages
    The date of the city?s foundation is uncertain, although it most certainly dates back to the distant past. There are, however, clear traces of the area?s occupation by the Romans, with the fishing and fish-salting centre of Cerro da Vila in (...)


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