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  1. Beaches
    Praia de Água de Madeiros
    Large and enclosed by tall cliffs, Água de Madeiros Beach has a full range of services and facilities including a bar and restaurant in addition to horse rides through the surrounding pine forest. The sheltered part of the Beach is enriched by the (...)

  2. Praia do Evaristo
    Praia do Evaristo
    Very small and huddled between truncated spurs, Evaristo Beach owes its name to the famous restaurant to be found here. With access gained via the village of Galé, this Beach is an excellent choice for holidaymakers and attracts many of the most (...)

  3. Beaches
    Praia da Ursa
    Located close to Cabo da Roca cape, Ursa Beach is reached via dirt track along a twisting and steep route right through to this calm and sparsely populated beach.The strains of the route are more than justified by the superb landscape that awaits (...)

  4. Beaches
    Praia da Torre
    Sheltered and shell-shaped and lying in the shadow of the São Julião da Barra Fortress, Torre Beach is a good family destination as its calm waters are ideal for children.A modern restaurant with an attractive terrace ensures the Beach remains a (...)

  5. Praia de São Rafael
    Praia de São Rafael
    Owing its name to the nearby tourist resort, São Rafael Beach is flanked by cliffs with its sands dotted with a few isolated rocks with more jutting out of the sea to create a very picturesque effect. With excellent conditions and a good range of (...)

  6. Beaches
    Praia da Ínsua
    Located at the northernmost end of the long length of sand making up Afife Beach, Ínsua Beach is surrounded by dunes that serve both to enrich the landscape and to protect from strong winds. Very popular, this Beach is a particular hit with children (...)

  7. Praia de Carreço
    Praia de Carreço
    With a fairly rocky area separating the dunes and the sands, Carreço Beach enjoys a good standard of both environmental quality and support infrastructures. The backdrop to the Beach is of great beauty with the landscape best admired from the (...)

  8. Beaches
    Praia de Santo Amaro
    Located in front of the pleasant Oeiras Gardens, Santo Amaro Beach stretches its long sands around a bay and is flanked by a promenade, ideal for strolling or cycling along. A very popular winter destinations among surfers due its unique straight (...)

  9. Beaches
    Praia da Árvore
    Located between the Azurara and Mindelo Beach in the middle of a long stretch of sandy coast, Árvore Beach is to be found by the entranceway to a campsite and is equipped with good support infrastructures. In the southern area of the Beach, there is (...)

  10. Praia de Salgueiros
    Praia de Salgueiros
    With its fine white sands occasionally studded with rock formations, Salgueiros Beach recently underwent a series of improvements to make it a more attractive to visitors. With strong waves breaking here, the Beach has good surfing conditions.


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