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  1. Thermal Baths
    Termas de Vidago
    A prestigious spa Vidago was the favourite watering place of the Portuguese court in the 19th century and, as such, was considered the "queen of the spas". The grand and elegant spa hotel, the Palace do Vidago, is located in the middle of a leafy (...)

    TEL: +351 276 990 970
    FAX: +351 276 100 297
    MAIL: spareservations@vidagopalace.com
    WEBSITE: www.vidagopalace.com

  2. Termas do Carapacho
    Thermal Baths
    Termas do Carapacho
    Carapacho Thermal Spa The Carapacho thermal springs are located in Graciosa island, next to the sea.The thermal waters were discovered in 1750, and their medicinal properties gained fame in the Azores, in the 18th and 19th centuries.The Carapacho (...)

    TEL: +51 295 730 505
    MAIL: termas.carapacho@graciosahotel.com
    WEBSITE: www.graciosahotel.com

  3. Termas do Carvalhal
    Thermal Baths
    Termas do Carvalhal
    Water Village/Aldeia da Água reflects the outstanding elements which characterize Castro Daire. It allies hot springs to rural world, countryside, nature, secular traditions and local gastronomy.The landscape combines the mountain range of (...)

    TEL: +351 232 382 342 - 232 315 881
    FAX: +351 232 315 882
    MAIL: geral@termasdocarvalhal.com
    WEBSITE: www.termasdocarvalhal.com

  4. Termas do Estoril
    Thermal Baths
    Termas do Estoril

    TEL: +351 214 658 610
    FAX: +351 414 665 512
    MAIL: geral@termasdoestoril.pt
    WEBSITE: www.termasdoestoril.pt

  5. Termas do Gerês
    Thermal Baths
    Termas do Gerês
    Discovered and exploited by the Romans, the Gerês hot springs saw the first bathing establishment constructed in the reign of João V (17th century).The exceptional quality of the waters and the spa's location in the majestic Peneda Gerês National (...)

    TEL: +351 253 391 113
    FAX: +351 253 391 184
    MAIL: info@TermasdoGeres.pt
    WEBSITE: www.TermasdoGeres.pt

  6. Thermal Baths
    Termas do Luso
    The old settlement of Luso is a welcoming small town of great character. Its excellent conditions and extremely pure waters make Luso one of the most important Portuguese spas.Nearby are the enchanting hills of Buçaco, where you can appreciate the (...)

    TEL: +351 231 937 910
    FAX: +351 231 937 925
    MAIL: termasdeluso@maloclinicspa.com
    WEBSITE: www.maloclinicspa.com/termasdeluso

  7. Termas do Vimeiro
    Thermal Baths
    Termas do Vimeiro
    The peaceful spa of Vimeiro is located in the district of Torres Vedras, in the beautiful Western Region, and is reputed to have been known since remote antiquity. The high point in its history was an important battle that took place there between (...)

    TEL: +351 261 980 800
    FAX: +351 261 984 621
    MAIL: amacedo@ohotelsandresorts.com
    WEBSITE: www.ohotelsandresorts.com

  8. Thalassotherapy
    Vila Sol World-Class Spa

    TEL: +351 289 300 550
    FAX: +351 289 300 566
    MAIL: spa@vilasol.pt
    WEBSITE: www.vilasol.pt

  9. Vilalara Thalassa Resort
    Vilalara Thalassa Resort

    TEL: +351 282 320 000
    FAX: +351 282 320 077
    MAIL: reservas@vilalararesort.com
    WEBSITE: http://www.vilalararesort.com


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