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    Tours and other tourism services
    Travel around Algarve in a 100% electric Tuk Tuk. The greatest way to discover one of Europe’s best kept secrets, Algarve, Portugal, is through our Tuk Tuks: 100% electric, eco-friendly, flexible, fun and open-air. It will be a memorable (...)

    TEL: +351 96 633 76 64
    MAIL: vchaveca@allgav-it.pt
    WEBSITE: www.allgav-tuktuk.pt; www.facebook.com/allgav (...)

  2. Trilhos & Petiscos, Lda.
    Tours and other tourism services
    Trilhos & Petiscos, Lda.
    Several counties of the Alto Alentejo are strolled through tracks that will unravel the history and the stories of the different sites in a fun and relaxed, but accurate way. Our goal is to show you, in a tailored way, the growth and evolution of (...)

    TEL: +351 91 403 25 61
    MAIL: melanie.wolfram@vagar-altoalentejo.com
    WEBSITE: www.vagar-altoalentejo.com; www.facebook.com/ (...)

  3. AGIC-Associação Portuguesa dos Guias-Intérpretes e Correios de Turismo
    Tours and other tourism services
    AGIC-Associação Portuguesa dos Guias-Intérpretes e Correios de Turismo
    The Portuguese Association of Tourist Guides and Tour Managers (AGIC) aims at providing high quality, competent, licensed tourist guides and tour managers in different languages. We offer services for individual travellers and/or groups for short (...)

    TEL: +351 93 110 85 40
    MAIL: info@agic-portugal.com
    WEBSITE: www.agic-portugal.com

  4. Fold n´Visit - Rent a Bike Unipessoal, Lda.
    Tours and other tourism services
    Fold n´Visit - Rent a Bike Unipessoal, Lda.
    Fold n´Visit is a specialized walk and bicycle tours company, operating in Porto. Apart from city tours, we're also specialized in bicycle rentals, as well as selling equipments and several components.

    TEL: +351 220 997 106
    MAIL: info@foldnvisit.com
    WEBSITE: www.foldnvisit.com

  5. No Tecto do Mundo
    Tours and other tourism services
    No Tecto do Mundo
    At the tourism industry, as a tour operator since 2006, No Tecto do Mundo® considers touristic entertainment an asset in the construction of touristic programs and tailor made experiences, which allows each visitor to experience our region as an (...)

    TEL: +351 220 968 100/1
    FAX: +351 220 968 102
    MAIL: info@ntdm.pt
    WEBSITE: www.ntdm.pt

  6. Bike my Side
    Tours and other tourism services
    Bike my Side
    Discover the Algarve in a Classic black Sidecar full of history and glamour, in a private unforgettable thematic tour. A unique and wonderful journey, a different look, authentic and genuine by the sights, sounds, flavors, colors of one of the most (...)

    TEL: +351 917 015 996
    MAIL: info@bikemyside.com
    WEBSITE: www.bikemyside.com: http://www.facebook.com/S (...)

  7. Bebipedala
    Servicos de Turismo
    Recently established a company in the tourism sector. The idea was born from a joint bike ride with the pleasure of a cool drink while performing a turn on tourist trail pedaling.Born here an innovative idea that much can eventually bring tourism to (...)

    TEL: +351 919 227 419
    MAIL: bebipedala@gmail.com

  8. Eco Tuk Tours Lisboa
    Tours and other tourism services
    Eco Tuk Tours Lisboa
    Eco Tuk tours is a truly ecological and cultural experience. we’re in love for Lisbon and we want to show it to all those who visit us, in a sustainable way! we use vehicles 100% electric, the eco tuks, which allow us to show our city in its best (...)

    TEL: +351 914 925 450
    MAIL: info@ecotuktours.com
    WEBSITE: www.ecotuktours.com; www.facebook.com/ecotukt (...)

  9. Tours and other tourism services
    The Aerobus is the best way to travel from and to the airport. With regular daily departures, this service provides the connection between the main spots of the city, coach terminal at Sete Rios and the railway stations of Entrecampos and Cais do (...)

    TEL: +351 21 361 30 93
    FAX: +351 21 361 30 52
    MAIL: yellowbus@carristur.pt
    WEBSITE: www.yellowbustours.com

  10. Yellow Cab TT Tours, Unipessoal Lda.
    Tours and other tourism services
    Yellow Cab TT Tours, Unipessoal Lda.
    The Yellow Cab TT Tours was started by the joy of nature and taste our origins, designed based on experience tourism service.We understand the need to serve well and provide a great adventure in the search of knowledge on what we have the best in (...)

    TEL: +351 96 585 61 69 / 21 243 44 34
    MAIL: geral@yellowcabtttours.pt
    WEBSITE: www.yellowcabtttours.pt


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