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  1. Andanças
    Major Events
    In August, take part in Andanças - a festival where dance and experimental movements captivate everything and everyone.Andanças is an International Traditional Dance and Music Festival, held annually. This event aims to disseminate popular culture (...)

    WEBSITE: www.andancas.net

  2. AngraJazz
    Major Events
    Year after year, in October, the Angra do Heroísmo International Jazz Festival, has progressively affirmed its position as one of the leading jazz festivals in Portugal. Counting on the participation of well/known North-American and European jazz (...)

    WEBSITE: www.angrajazz.com

  3. Arts Festival
    Major Events
    Arts Festival
    In July, Coimbra will be hosting its Arts Festival, organised by the Inês de Castro Foundation.This is an eclectic festival offering public exposure to all kinds of artistic expression: music, painting, theatre, literature, cinema, photography (...)

    WEBSITE: http://www.festivaldasartes.com; pt-pt.facebo (...)

  4. Atlantic Festival
    Major Events
    Atlantic Festival
    In June, a sense of liveliness joins forces with tradition to transform the Madeiran capital into an attractive and fun-filled venue where visitors are offered a series of unforgettable concerts and shows. The Atlantic Festival, which takes (...)

    WEBSITE: www.madeiraislands.travel

  5. Baja Portalegre 500
    Major Events
    Baja Portalegre 500
    Cross-country racing fans should check out the Baja Portalegre 500, to be held on the roads of the Alentejo region in November.Over a period of almost 20 years, competitive racing tracks in the Alentejo region have hosted the Iberian peninsular’s (...)

    WEBSITE: http://www.bajaportalegre.com

  6. Burning of the Ribbons
    Major Events
    Burning of the Ribbons
    Coimbra throws a ‘Queima das Fitas’ party for its new graduates. Put on your Faculty’s colours and have a good time!This student celebration, that is held every year starting in May has become a Coimbra tourist attraction, attracting thousands of (...)

    WEBSITE: www.turismo-centro.pt; www.queimadasfitas.org

  7. Caramulo Motorfestival
    Major Events
    Caramulo Motorfestival
    This September, journey back several decades and watch a Festival which brings classic and sports vehicles to the roads around Caramulo.Dedicated to classic and sports cars and motorbikes, the Caramulo Motor Festival combines competition with (...)

    WEBSITE: http://www.caramulo-motorfestival.com

  8. CEI Atoleiros – International Endurance Event
    Major Events
    CEI Atoleiros – International Endurance Event
    In April, Fronteira holds the CEI Atoleiros, an Endurance event named in honour of the historic battle that took place here in 1384.This event involves a series of national and international equestrian endurance tests, of which the highlight is the (...)

  9. Cinanima - International Animated Film Festival
    Major Events
    Cinanima - International Animated Film Festival
    Do you like animated film? If so, don't miss Cinanima - International Animated Film Festival in Espinho, south of Oporto.Cinanima is one of the best known and respected international festivals, screening new animation films produced around the world.

    WEBSITE: www.cinanima.pt

  10. Citemor – Festival of Montemor-o-Velho
    Major Events
    Citemor – Festival of Montemor-o-Velho
    Portugal's oldest theatre festival is held each year between July and August, bringing theatre companies from various countries to Montemor-o-Velho.With performances in various parts of the city, Citemor is now far more than a theatre festival, and (...)

    WEBSITE: www.citemor.com


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