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  1. Apartamentos Turísticos Curia Clube
    Tourist Apartments
    Apartamentos Turísticos Curia Clube
    The Tourist Complex Curia Clube offers a wide variety of infrastructures capable of responding efficiently to the tourists solicitations. From tourist flats totally equipped, recreation areas, green areas, outdoor pools, tennis courts, squash, (...)

    TEL: +351 231 505 197 - 231 503 742
    FAX: +351 231 515 368
    MAIL: efiturismo@gmail.com
    WEBSITE: www.curiaclube.com

  2. Grande Hotel da Curia
    Hotel accommodation
    Grande Hotel da Curia
    Situated in area traditionally famous for its thermal springs. The Grande Hotel of Curia is surrounded by the lush greenery characteristic of the region. Its romantic atmosphere is reminiscent of the early days of the century and its old-world (...)

    TEL: +351 231 515 720
    FAX: +351 231 515 317
    MAIL: curia@belverhotels.com
    WEBSITE: http://www.grandehoteldacuria.com

  3. Hotel accommodation
    Hotel das Termas da Curia

    TEL: +351 231 519 800
    FAX: +351 231 515838
    MAIL: reservas@termasdacuria.com

  4. Hotel accommodation
    Hotel do Parque / Residencial

    TEL: 231512031
    FAX: 231503891
    MAIL: geral@hoteldoparquecuria.com
    WEBSITE: http://www.hoteldoparquecuria.com

  5. Palace Hotel da Curia
    Hotel accommodation
    Palace Hotel da Curia
    European jewel of the “Golden Twenties” era, combining the grand tradition of Portuguese hospitality and service. The Curia Palace - between Lisbon and Oporto, and between Coimbra and Aveiro (GPS: Longitude: 40º25’28’’, Latitude: -8º27’45’’) - is a (...)

    TEL: +351 231 510 300
    FAX: +351 231 515 531
    MAIL: curia@almeidahotels.com
    WEBSITE: www.almeidahotels.com

  6. Hotel accommodation
    Pensão Lourenço

    TEL: +351 231 512 214
    MAIL: vitorhenriques2@iol.pt

  7. Hotel accommodation
    Pensão Santa Cruz

    TEL: +351 231 512 316

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