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  1. Tourism in the Country
    A Abegoaria
    "The Abegoaria" is a tourism service provider company, of two houses, with the characteristic environment of the Pico Island and its people. Surrounded by trees in a rural setting. Enjoy the panoramic view over the parish and the ocean. The beauty (...)

    TEL: +351 292 642 834; 917 815 902
    FAX: +351 292 642 834
    MAIL: info@a-abegoaria.com
    WEBSITE: http://a-abegoaria.com

  2. Tourism in the Country

    TEL: 296 584354
    MAIL: info@domus-adepta.com
    WEBSITE: www.domus-adepta.com

  3. Tourism in the Country

    TEL: : 296 584354 Tm: 91 7071640
    MAIL: info@domus-adepta.com
    WEBSITE: www.domus-adepta.com

  4. Tourism in the Country
    Casa da Vinha

    TEL: +351 292 642 583 - 93 325 62 77
    FAX: +351 292 642 583
    MAIL: info@adegasdopico.com
    WEBSITE: www.adegasdopico.com

  5. Tourism in the Country
    Casa do Comendador
    The Casa do Comendador is a development of Rural Tourism in the Municipality of São Roque, Pico Island, Azores.

    TEL: +351 292 642 950
    FAX: +351 292 642 950
    MAIL: info@casadocomendador.com
    WEBSITE: www.casadocomendador.com

  6. Hotel accommodation
    Hotel "Whale'come ao Pico
    Located in the centre of the village of the whales of Lajes do Pico, "Whale'come ao Pico" is situated just beside Espaço Talassa's whale watching base and the whaler's museum with a great view of Portugal's highest mountain and the Atlantic ocean. (...)

    TEL: +351 292 672 010
    FAX: +351 292 672 617
    MAIL: espaco.talassa@mail.telepac.pt
    WEBSITE: http://hotel.espacotalassa.com/GB/

  7. Hotel accommodation
    Hotel Apart. Aldeia da Fonte

    TEL: 292 679500
    FAX: 292 672700
    MAIL: info@aldeiadafonte.com
    WEBSITE: http://aldeiadafonte.com

  8. Hotel accommodation
    Hotel Caravelas
    The Hotel Caravelas is situated in  Vila da Madalena, on the island of Pico, in a privileged position 100 metres from the quay and 10 km from the airport, with a view of the island of Faial. It is 5 nautical miles from Faial and 11 from São Jorge, (...)

    TEL: 292628550
    FAX: 292628558
    MAIL: geral@hotelcaravelas.net
    WEBSITE: www.hotelcaravelas.net

  9. Quinta da Ribeira da Urze
    Tourism in the Country
    Quinta da Ribeira da Urze
    Different residences wrapped in the most pure essence of the nature and leisure.

    TEL: +351 96 657 83 79
    FAX: +351 292 391 579
    MAIL: quintadaribeiradaurze@gmail.com
    WEBSITE: www.quintadaribeiradaurze.com

  10. Tourism in a Manor House
    Solares de Portugal - Casa das Barcas
    17th-century manor-house in the port of São Roque do Pico, in the foothills of the mountain, opposite the dry harbour of Cais Velho, with a magnificent view over Pico, the island of São Jorge and the sea, where you can both swim and fish only 20 (...)

    TEL: +351 292 642 847
    FAX: +351 292 642 661
    MAIL: Barcas@solaresdeportugal.pt; info@center.pt; cazasdopico@gmail.com
    WEBSITE: www.center.pt; www.cazasdopico.com

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