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Capela de Nossa Senhora do Mileu - Guarda

Capela de Nossa Senhora do Mileu - Guarda


Located beyond the city walls, and somewhat set away from the urban centre, the Chapel of Mileu is one of Guarda´s oldest monuments. There is no certainty as to its exact origins but the chapel is believed to have been a Christian place of worship during Moorish times, hence, pre-12th century.

The origins of the chapel´s name have also still to be determined even if it is known the expression in French meant a kind of medieval cloth. There are late 13th century references to the Nossa Senhora de Mileu festival and this gained in popularity from the 15th century onwards as it was on one of the pilgrimage routes to Santiago de Compostela.

The robust building is characteristic of Romanesque churches and modest in proportions. There are some interesting artistic finishes to the interior including the cobel work to the lateral facades and the columns (bases and capitals) featuring expressive medieval imagery (foliage, human and fantasy).

Póvoa do Mileu - Guarda

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