Brexit: Information for British travellers to Portugal


Now that a Brexit deal has been in place, you probably want to know if anything will be different when planning your trip to Portugal.

According to the terms of the withdrawal agreement, the UK will remain part of EU laws and legislations as part of a ‘transition period’, at least until the 31st of December 2020. This means that all existing rights of UK and EU citizens will remain in place, including free movement and all travel plans and holiday arrangements will remain exactly the same as previously and unaffected. This includes traveling with your domestic pet that has an EU pet passport.

For detailed information, consult the article "Brexit advice for travellers" provided by ABTA and the document “The revised EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement EXPLAINED” by the European Commission. You can also find essential information for UK nationals travelling to the EU in www.gov.uk/visit-europe-brexit.

Entry Requirements
The rules on travel and board crossing will stay the same until the transition period ends on 31 December 2020. If you have any questions about entry requirements see the “Living in Portugal guide” and if you need to apply for a visa you can do it at www.vfsglobal.com/Portugal/UK/.

Driving Licenses
UK driving licences will continue to be valid during the transition period, at least until the end of December 2020. An International Driving Permit will not be required, and you do not need a GB sticker or a Green Card for car insurance during this period.

For more details, please see the document “Brexit FAQ – Driving Licenses”.

Healthcare Services
British tourists and travellers visiting Portugal and UK nationals living in Portugal will continue to have access to the Portugal Health Service throughout all the transition period. Portugal also offers healthcare services for UK travellers through the initiative Portugal Health Passport, providing healthcare services for a fixed-priced in the largest private health providers in the country, performed by highly qualified and internationally recognised professionals, English-speaking staff, covering both emergency care and preventive medicine.
For more information please visit www.portugalhealthpassport.com.

Other useful links
Facebook page "Brits in Portugal" - www.facebook.com/BritsInPortugal
Portuguese Consulate in the United Kingdom - www.cgportugalemlondres.com / cac.ru@ama.pt

Portugal will continue to welcome British tourists!

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