Sketch Tour Portugal Reload 2021

Sketch Tour Portugal Reload

Writers and Urban Sketchers joint together on a special journey through Portugal.

In 2017, twenty-four urban sketchers from various nationalities were invited to take a journey showing their talent and getting to know the country in their own way, from a different perspective.

In 2021, a new edition of the Sketch Tour was designed with a new challenge, combining drawing with writing, that is, inviting urban skecthers and Portuguese writers.

The sketchers from various countries such as Spain, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Sweden and Egypt were joined by eleven reference authors and writers of the Portuguese language, from different generations: Mia Couto, Marcela Costa, Rui Cardoso Martins, Gonçalo Cadilhe, Matilde Campilho, José Luís Peixoto, Joel Neto, Dulce Maria Cardoso, Afonso Cruz, Tiago Salazar and Jacinto Lucas Pires. Among the foreign sketchers we have Charline Moreau (FR), Marielle Durand (FR), Santi Sallés (ES), Simo Capecchi (IT), Lapin (FR), Maru Godas (ES), Ian Fennelly (UK), Nina Johansson (SE), Reham Ali (EG) and Rita Sabler (USA) to accompany the Portuguese Luís Araújo, Nuno Branco, Alexandra Belo, Pedro Loureiro, Celeste Vaz Ferreira, Mário Linhares, Paulo Mendes, Margarida Freitas, Rosário Félix and Marco António Costa.

Be surprised by the words and drawings and be inspired for your next trip to Portugal.

Madeira was chosen to kick off the Sketch Tour Reload, a place where nature is the lingua franca and it's hard to find words to describe what you see..

Urban Sketchers: Luís Araújo (Portugal) and Charline Moreau (France) 
Writer: Marcela Costa (Portugal)

The Alentejo is a region made of two very different realities: the inland and the coast. On this tour it's all about the sea, the cliffs, the fish and the salt water. Known for being a place where time stands still, the Sketch Tour has revealed how to conquer time in the beautiful Alentejo.

Urban Sketchers: Nuno Branco (Portugal) and Marielle Duran (France)
Writer: Rui Cardoso Martins (Portugal)

A journey through Central Portugal, a region rich in history, deep nature and tranquillity that never ceases to amaze.

Urban Sketchers: Alexandra Belo (Portugal) and Santi Sallés (Spain)
Writer: Gonçalo Cadilhe (Portugal)

In Alentejo, time has no hours to spare. The second tour confirmed that in this region everything happens as it is supposed to - naturally, unhurriedly, at nature's pace at every step.

Urban Sketchers: Celeste Vaz Ferreira (Portugal) and Lapin (France)
Writer: José Luís Peixoto (Portugal)

The archipelago that rises from the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by nature in its purest state. Nine idyllic islands filled with mountains, volcanoes, lakes, caves, birds and folks, a true feast for the eyes and for the adventures of a lifetime. 
Meet Azores in all its magnificence!

Urban Sketchers: Mário Linhares (Portugal) and Maru Godas (Spain)
Writer: Joel Neto (Portugal)

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