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Protected Areas


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  1. Centro Ambiental do Priolo
Photo: Veraçor - Turismo dos Açores
    Protected Areas
    Centro Ambiental do Priolo
    Located in the Cancela do Cinzeiro Forestry Park within the Special Protection Zone of Pico da Vara/Ribeira do Guilherme, Priolo Environmental Centre aims to preserve this small bird and its habitat. The priolo is Europe’s second rarest bird (...)

  2. Vale Gonçalinho Environmental Education Centre
Place: Castro Verde
Photo: Rui Cunha
    Protected Areas
    Centro de Educação Ambiental de Vale Gonçalinho
    The Vale Gonçalinho Environmental Education Centre is the obligatory starting point for a visit to the Special Protection Zone for birds in Castro Verde, providing information on the region’s natural heritage. Known as the “Campo Branco” (White (...)

  3. Geopark Naturtejo da Meseta Meridional
    Protected Areas
    Geopark Naturtejo da Meseta Meridional
    Discover the first Portuguese Geopark recognised by UNESCO. The Naturtejo Geopark, an exponent of Nature Tourism in Central Portugal, invites you to discover 16 geosites and a land of valuable natural history and cultural heritage.Travel back in (...)

  4. Geoparque de Arouca
    Protected Areas
    Geoparque de Arouca
    The Arouca Geopark is a classified area by the European and Global Geoparks Networks, under the auspices of UNESCO since 2009, with 328km2. It is located in northern Portugal about 50 km far away from Oporto and Aveiro cities. This is an unique (...)

  5. Paisagem Protegida da Albufeira do Azibo
    Protected Areas
    Paisagem Protegida da Albufeira do Azibo
    In the heart of the north-eastern region of Trás-os-Montes, you should take some time to discover the Protected Landscape Area of Albufeira do Azibo.Situated in the municipality of Macedo de Cavaleiros, the dam that forms this reservoir was built in (...)

  6. Paisagem Protegida da Arriba Fóssil da Costa de Caparica
    Protected Areas
    Paisagem Protegida da Arriba Fóssil da Costa de Caparica
    The fossil cliff is constituted by a succession of sedimentary rock strata, one of the most important examples of its kind in Western Europe, whose origin dates back to the Pliocene period, around 10 million years ago. At that time, the Sea reached (...)

  7. Paisagem Protegida da Serra do Açor
    Protected Areas
    Paisagem Protegida da Serra do Açor
    Located next to Arganil, the protected landscape of the Serra do Açor includes a zone of great natural beauty included within the European network of biogenetic reserves - the Margaraça Woodlands. The luxurious vegetation found on these slate slopes (...)

  8. Parque de Natureza de Noudar
Photo: J.Romão
    Protected Areas
    Parque de Natureza de Noudar
    Located in Barrancos, next to the border with Spain, Noudar Nature Park maintains a preserved environment in which agricultural and forestry activities are conserved in profound respect for the natural ecosystems. With a landscape dominated by (...)

  9. Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês
    Protected Areas
    Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês
    In the extreme north-east of Portugal, between the Alto Minho and Trás-os-Montes, the Serra da Peneda and Serra do Gerês constitute the only Portuguese protected area that has been classified as a National Park. It is a world apart, where human (...)

  10. Parque Natural da Arrábida
    Protected Areas
    Parque Natural da Arrábida
    Located next to the sea, between Setúbal and the fishing town of Sesimbra, Arrábida Natural Park has incomparable natural beauty, where the blue of the sea alternates with the white tones of the chalk cliffs and the depths of the green vegetation (...)


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