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  1. Encontros Internacionais de Cinema, Televisão, Vídeo e Multimédia em Avanca
Photo: www.avanca.com
    Avanca Internacional Meeting of Cinema, Tv, Video and Multimedia
    The Internacional Meeting of Cinema, Tv, Video and Multimedia, in Avanca, celebrates in 2015 20th year of existence, and throughout these nearly two decades have stated itself, as a free and independent space, mirroring the national creation. The (...)

    Telephone: +351 234 880 658
    Fax: +351 234 880 658
    E-mail: festival@avanca.com
    Website: http://www.avanca.com/

  2. Cinanima 2016
    Cinanima - International Animated Film Festival
    Do you like animated film? If so, don't miss Cinanima - International Animated Film Festival in Espinho, south of Oporto.Cinanima is one of the best known and respected international festivals, screening new animation films produced around the world.

    Website: http://www.cinanima.pt

  3. CineEco’2015
Photo: http://www.cineecoseia.org/
    Is in one of the highest spots of Portugal (Seia) every year takes place the festival dedicated to environmental-themed film: the Cine'Eco – International Festival of Environmental Film of Serra da Estrela, the only film festival in Portugal, (...)

    Telephone: + 351 238 310 293 / + 351 964 862 521
    E-mail: filmescineeco@gmail.com
    Website: http://www.cineecoseia.org/

  4. DocLisboa 2016
    In october the whole world fits in Lisbon.That's the slogan for DocLisboa, a festival that invites people to think about the documentary and its implications and potential. Cinema is presented here as an art form that enables finding fresh ways of (...)

    Website: http://www.doclisboa.org

  5. Lisbon Estoril Film Festival 2016
    Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival
    The Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival celebrates Cinema as an artistic creation, setting light, above all, on its capacity to embrace each artistic field and on the fascination it exerts on the other arts.It is under this perspective that is set (...)

    Website: http://www.leffest.com

  6. Monstra 2016
    MONSTRA 2015
    In March, see "Monstra" in Lisboa and see the best of worldwide animated film.This festival will last for one week and has a diverse programme which includes retrospectives from authors and other countries, children and youth sessions, exhibitions, (...)

    Website: http://www.monstrafestival.com

  7. Queer Lisboa 
Photo: http://queerlisboa.pt/
    Queer Lisboa
    Queer Lisboa is a Portuguese Film Festival dedicated exclusively to screening gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and transsexual themed films, a genre known as Queer Cinema. The Festival also invites a number of personalities working in Queer (...)

    Telephone: + 351 91 376 53 43
    E-mail: info@queerlisboa.pt
    Website: http://queerlisboa.pt/

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