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  1. Archaeology
    Anta Capela de Pavia
    Dolmen Chapel of PaviaThe Dolmen Chapel of Pavia, dedicated to S. Dinis (17th c.) is one of the megalithic portuguese monuments adapted to the christian cult. In this case, the chamber was transformed into the nave of the chapel.

  2. Archaeology
    Anta Capela de São Brissos
    Chapel of São Brissos CromlechMegalithic funerary monument that has been adapted into a Christian chapel.

  3. Archaeology
    Anta do Barrocal
    Barrocal CromlechCromlech with vestiges of a polygonal chamber and a covering stone slab still found on site. It is located around 200 metres SW from the Monte do Barrocal hilltop farm.

  4. Anta do Olival da Pêga
    Anta do Olival da Pêga

  5. Anta do Olival de Monte Velho
    Anta do Olival de Monte Velho
    Olival de Monte Velho CromlechOne of the stone supports is broken in half and the upper half has fallen inside the chamber.

  6. Anta do Penedo Gordo
    Anta do Penedo Gordo
    Penedo Gordo CromlechA megalithic monument with an average-sized corridor, presenting vestiges of a burial mound, in particular on the Southern side. The polygonal chamber is composed by nine stone supports and the corridor by four stone supports on (...)

  7. Archaeology
    Anta dos Coureleiros
    Coureleiros CromlechThere are five cromlechs located in Coureleiros. This is one of the largest units. Its official scientific designation is “Anta dos Coureleiros II”.

  8. Archaeology
    Anta Grande do Zambujeiro de Valverde
    Dolmen of Zambujeiro in ValverdeIt is the biggest dolmen known in the Iberian Peninsula. The area is 50 m of diameter and it is composed by the chamber, 6 metres high, and a long passage to the exterior. The passage grave it is classified as a (...)

  9. Archaeology
    Antela da Cruz Vermelha
    Located in the Corno Bico Protected Area, the Antela da Cruz Vermelha (Red Cross Dolmen) has been dated to around 2,500 BC. Circular in form, the Dolmen is made up of a large boulder with a headstone with an engraved cross, painted in red. Part of a (...)

  10. Archaeology
    Balneário da Pena Grande


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