Gardens, Parks and Forests


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  1. Parque Eduardo VII 
Place: Lisboa
Photo: ATL
    Gardens, Parks and Forests
    Parque Eduardo VII
    The Eduardo VII Park lies in the Parish of São Sebastião da Pedreira, north from Avenida da Liberdade, and offers panoramic views over the city. Originally known as Parque da Liberdade, the gardens were rechristened with the name of the British King (...)

  2. Gardens, Parks and Forests
    Parque Florestal das Fontinhas
    Fontinhas Forest Park is to be found on the western slope of Pico Alto, the highest point on the island of Santa Maria. It has an extensive area of nurseries, with a spacious interior clearing ringed by cryptomerias.The park's cool atmosphere and (...)

  3. Gardens, Parks and Forests
    Parque Florestal da Silveira
    The Silveira Forest Park runs alongside a stream where visitors will find various water-mills and bridges, and rich, exotic vegetation. The park's botanical heritage is characterised by its great diversity, particularly amongst its trees.Here you (...)

  4. Gardens, Parks and Forests
    Parque Florestal das Sete Fontes
    The Sete Fontes Forest Park is one of the most important nature reserves on the island of São Jorge and one of the island's largest parks, covering an area of 12 hectares.It is thickly wooded and has many footpaths and trails leading to leisure (...)

  5. Gardens, Parks and Forests
    Parque Florestal do Cabouco Velho
    In the Cabouco Velho Forest Park, at an altitude of 500 metres, you have the chance to enjoy nature to the full. Footpaths, a picnic area, a threshing-floor and a children's playground will help you to enjoy some pleasant moments.If you're fond of (...)

  6. Gardens, Parks and Forests
    Parque Florestal do Mistério da Prainha
    You will find the Forest Park in an area of the island of Pico known as Mistério da Prainha (Mystery of the Beach) due to an historic volcanic event that dates back to 1562 and 1564. You can still see traces of the lava flow, slabs of compact rock, (...)

  7. Gardens, Parks and Forests
    Parque Florestal do Mistério de São João
    Located on the island of Pico, the park occupies a vast area on a south-facing slope. Altogether it covers an area of 212 hectares between the parishes of São Caetano and São João, and is known by the name of Mistério (Mystery).Here, visitors will (...)

  8. Gardens, Parks and Forests
    Parque Florestal Luís Paulo Camacho
    Close to Santa Cruz on the island of Flores is the Parque Luís Paulo Camacho. It is characterised by a very broad range of botanical plants, most notably conifers and some examples of the local endemic flora.Visitors can enjoy the park's picnic area (...)

  9. Parque Terra Nostra
Photo: Floreesha - Turismo dos Açores
    Gardens, Parks and Forests
    Parque Terra Nostra
    The history of Terra Nostra Park is connected to the development of the village of Furnas as a thermal spa and summer resort.This Romantic-style botanical garden was built in the 18th and 19th centuries and is one of the most popular sites on the (...)

  10. Gardens, Parks and Forests
    Quinta das Rosas
    Quinta das Rosas is a Forestry Reserve situated close to the town of Madalena, and provides a pleasant leisure space with a picnic area, some small lakes and other recreational facilities.One of its most notable features is a Maroiço, a (...)


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