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  1. Vista sobre a baía do funchal
Place: Funchal
    Towns and Villages
    No-one visiting Funchal can be indifferent to its beauty and the hospitality of its people. There are many places to visit in this 500-year old city, and some cannot be missed…The capital of Madeira, Funchal is situated on the south coast of the (...)

  2. Monsanto
    Towns and Villages
    In their geography, climate and fauna, the plains of the Beira Interior region, between the foothills of the Serra da Gardunha and the River Ponsul, form the transitional zone between the north and south of Portugal. Standing above them on a high (...)

  3. Aveiro
Place: Aveiro
Photo: João Paulo
    Towns and Villages
    The capital of the Ria, a vast lagoon where the freshwater of the River Vouga joins with the sea, Aveiro is intersected by canals, genuine streets of water, along which can be seen gliding the brightly coloured boats known as barcos moliceiros. (...)

  4. Zambujeira do Mar
    Towns and Villages
    Zambujeira do Mar
    Affording an excellent view over the beach, Zambujeira do Mar is a small fishing village where it is still possible to enjoy a feeling of great peace and tranquillity.The beautiful beaches are one of the main attractions for the many visitors that (...)

  5. Setúbal
    Towns and Villages
    Setúbal was inhabited in ancient times by the Phoenicians, and by the Romans who settled on the south bank of the River Sado (in Tróia, opposite the present town), who called it Cetobriga, from which the name Setúbal is derived.It was the Romans who (...)

  6. Linhares da Beira
    Towns and Villages
    Linhares da Beira
    Situated on the western slopes of the Serra da Estrela, Linhares da Beira was originally a Lusitanian hill fort. In fact, the Montes Hermínios (this was the Lusitanian name for the Serra da Estrela), with its pastureland and abundant water supply (...)

  7. Buçaco
    Towns and Villages
    A large and majestic forest, the Serra do Buçaco is a genuine botanical garden where roughly 700 native and exotic species can be found, all of them protected by a Papal Bull issued in the seventeenth century threatening anyone damaging the trees (...)

  8. Peso da Régua
    Towns and Villages
    Peso da Régua
    It is thought that the town´s name originated from the name of a Roman house that once stood here - the "Villa Reguela". Its great development was, however, only to begin after 1756 with the creation of the Real Companhia Geral da Agricultura das (...)

  9. Sortelha
    Towns and Villages
    Surmounted by a castle built on a formidable crag at an altitude of 760 metres, Sortelha still retains its mediaeval appearance intact through the architecture of its rural granite houses.Sortelha had therefore part of an important line of defence (...)

  10. Porto Santo
Place: Ilha de Porto Santo
    Towns and Villages
    Ilha de Porto Santo
    Getting to know Porto Santo means discovering the first port that provided access to the epic maritime adventure of the Portuguese discoverers.This was the first of all the islands discovered by the Portuguese navigators and it contains within its (...)


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