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  1. Sé Catedral de Lamego
Place: Lamego
Photo: Direção Regional Cultura Norte
    Sé Catedral de Lamego
    Lamego CathedralA succession of different styles from various periods can be seen on both the outside and inside of Lamego cathedral, and yet, despite this, the building as a whole exudes a sense of beauty and monumentality.The tower windows are the (...)

    Telephone: +351 254 612 766 / 254 666 195
    E-mail: mlamego@culturanorte.pt

  2. Sé Catedral de Leiria
    Sé Catedral de Leiria
    The need for a Se came about in 1545 when king João III came out in favour of raising Leiria to City status appointing the reforming Brother Brás de Barros, from the Monastery of Santa Cruz in Coimbra, as the first Bishop of the Diocese.Building (...)

    Telephone: +351 244 832 366

  3. Sé Catedral de Lisboa
Place: Lisboa
    Sé Catedral de Lisboa
    Founded in 1147, Lisbon Cathedral is one of the city’s great landmarks and also one of the symbols of the Christian Reconquest of the territory.The Cathedral was built when the first king of Portugal, Dom Afonso Henriques, conquered the city from (...)

    Telephone: 351 21 887 66 28
    Fax: 351 21 886 67 52
    Website: http://www.dgpc.pt

  4. Sé Catedral de Portalegre
    Sé Catedral de Portalegre
    The Diocese of Portalegre was established in the 16th century with its first bishop Juliãoo de Alva, chaplain to Catarina, wife to king Joãpo III (1521-57). In 1556, Julião ordered the building of the Cathedral, dedicated to Our Lady of the (...)

  5. Sé Catedral de Silves
Place: Silves
Photo: Pedro Reis - Turismo do Algarve
    Sé Catedral de Silves
    Silves became a bishopdom immediately after initial conquest from the Moors in 1189. However, the Se was only constructed in the 13th century after it was definitely taken during the reign of Afonso III. Silves retained this status through to the (...)

    Telephone: +351 282 442 472

  6. Monuments
    Sé Catedral de Viana do Castelo
    Catedral de Viana do Castelo (Viana do Castelo Cathedral) A centuries-old church that has been a cathedral since 1977The construction of the Mother Church of Viana do Castelo dates back to the first half of the 15th century and it shows the (...)

    Telephone: +351 258 822 436

  7. Monuments
    Sé Catedral de Vila Real
    Begin at the church in the former convent of S. Domingos (Saint Dominic), constructed on the permission of king João I, in 1421. At the time, this site would have been beyond the city walls.The nationalisation of monastic assets in 1834 and a (...)

    Telephone: 259 322 034

  8. Sé Catedral de Viseu
Place: Viseu
    Sé Catedral de Viseu
    Sé Cathedral of ViseuThe exterior of this cathedral is impressive, notwithstanding its heavy and austere appearance. The cathedral is built around a Romanic construction, of which the surviving elements are two towers flanking the main façade that (...)

    Telephone: +351 232 436 065

  9. Sé Catedral do Funchal
Place: Madeira
Photo: AP Madeira
    Sé Catedral do Funchal
    Built at the orders of King D. Manuel I in order to substitute the Church of Nossa Senhora do Calhau (the first parish established in the island). By that time the old church was too small to cater to the faithful. The “big Church”, as it was (...)

    Telephone: + 351 291 228 155
    Fax: + 351 291 281 873
    E-mail: secatedralfunchal@sapo.pt

  10. Sé Catedral do Porto
Place: Porto
    Sé Catedral do Porto
    Originally built in the 12th century, Porto Cathedral still has the original merlons and twin towers, although the towers are now topped by 18th century additions.It has undergone various alterations over the centuries, the most important additions (...)

    Telephone: +351 226 179 345 - 222 059 028
    Fax: +351 226 096 276
    E-mail: geral@culturanorte.pt
    Website: http://www.culturanorte.pt/pt/gca/index.php?id=120


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