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  1. Archaeology
    Templo Romano de Scalabis
    Roman Temple of ScalabisSome Roman remains were found in the course of work being undertaken for the rebuilding of a palace in the Largo da Alcáçova. These are in fact the podium of a Roman temple, a square structure measuring roughly 15 metres. The (...)

  2. Monuments
    Torre, Capela ou Ermida de São Miguel-O-Anjo
    A sixteenth century construction on a rocky island in the river, designated a building of public interest and located in a Special Conservation Area. On the inside the building is octagonal, with three niches in the wall facing the river. The chapel (...)

  3. Torre ameada
    Torre ameada
    Battlemented TowerThe Battlemented Tower of Aguiar da Beira was built in the 15th century and is listed as a National Monument. It is constituted by various floors, including several architectural and decorative elements, in particular the cannon (...)

  4. Monuments
    Torreão das Portas da Cidade
    An old and imposing watch tower, previously part of the city walls.

  5. Torre da Cadeia
Place: Figueiró dos Vinhos
Photo: C. M. Figueiró dos Vinhos
    Torre da Cadeia
    Classified as a building of public interest, this stone tower dating from 1506, built on a square plan, has rounded battlements.

    Telephone: +351 236 552 178
    Fax: +351 236 552 596
    E-mail: turismo@cm-figueirodosvinhos.pt
    Website: http://turismo@cm-figueirodosvinhos.pt

  6. Monuments
    Torre da Cadeia
    Dating from the sixteenth century, this is a rectangular tower built in granite blocks, without crenellations, belonging to the Arronches Fortress.

  7. Monuments
    Torre da Cidade
    Rectangular tower with three storeys, with an ogee door on the north side. Probably the keep belonging to the city walls built by King Ferdinand. Rebuilt in 1941.

  8. Monuments
    Torre da Fuseta
    Fuseta TowerFuseta Tower offers a splendid view over the Ria Formosa area and the chain of sandy islands of Tavira, Armona, Culatra and Farol.

  9. Monuments
    Torre da Igreja da Amêndoa
    Clock tower dating from the seventeenth century.

  10. Monuments
    Torre da igreja da Urzelina
    Tower of the Church of Urzelina - VelasThe tower is the last remaining vestige of the former Church of Urzelina, that was submerged by a volcanic eruption in 1808.


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