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  1. Torre de Vilar
    Torre de Vilar
    Built in granite blocks, comprising five floors. Lit by Romanesque arrow loops. Entered by a an arched door.This tower was part of the defences of Honra de Brolhaes.

    Telephone: +351 255 810 706
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    E-mail: rotadoromanico@valsousa.pt
    Website: http://www.rotadoromanico.com

  2. Monuments
    Torre do Álamo
    Tower of ÁlamoThe Tower of Álamo is also known as the Tower of Camões because according to tradition the famous poet lived here for a period of time.

  3. Monuments
    Torre do Carvalhal, dos Lafetas ou Lafeitas
    Also known as the Torre do Carvalhal or as the Torre dos Lafeitas, the tower is the oldest building in the region, according to a document from the first half of the thirteenth century. Dom Nuno Alvares Pereira's mother is thought to have lived here.

  4. Torre do Castelo de Aguiar de Sousa
    Torre do Castelo de Aguiar de Sousa

    Telephone: +351 255 810 706
    Fax: +351 255 810 709
    E-mail: rotadoromanico@valsousa.pt
    Website: http://www.rotadoromanico.com

  5. Monuments
    Torre do Palácio dos Terenas
    This rectangular tower has been altered at various points in its history. It dates originally from the first half of the fourteenth century, having been built on the orders of Pedro Sem, chancellor of the kingdom from 1336 to 1341.

    Telephone: +351 226 939 49

  6. Monuments
    Torre do Relógio
    Tower of RelógioErected within the former municipal jail, the top of the tower has a curious wrought iron decoration to support the bell, that was added in the 19th century.

  7. Monuments
    Torre do Relógio - Caminha
    Clock TowerCrenellated tower belonging to the medieval city walls, classified as a national monument. The tower bestrides one of the old city gates, in the form of a double arch.

  8. Monuments
    Torre do Relógio - Tentúgal
    Clock TowerDates from the fifteenth century. Built on a square plan with a Gothic style door and battlements, classified as a building of public interest.

  9. Monuments
    Torre do Relógio Velho
    Classified as a National Monument, the Torre do Relógio is a quadrangular stone building, crowned by chamfered battlements and surmounted by a conical spire with 16th-century decoration.

  10. Monuments
    Torre do Relógio - Vidigueira
    Clock TowerContains a bell dating from 1520, installed on the orders of Vasco da Gama, the Portuguese navigator who discovered the maritime route to India and the first Count of Vidigueira.


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