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  1. Aventuris
    Walking Tours, Trekking, Cycling, Canyoning, Rent-a-Bike, Canoeing and Cultural tours!!. We are your professional partner in Portugal!!

    Telephone: +351 963 542 439
    E-mail: geral@aventuris.com.pt
    Website: http://www.aventuris.com.pt

  2. Azimuthprecision
Place: Azeitão
Photo: Azimuthprecision
    We look for adventurers to make Portugal known in a special way! "Traveling in adventure" to Climb, Rappel and Vias Ferratas.

    Telephone: +351 969 001 773
    E-mail: info@azimuthprecision.com
    Website: http://www.azimuthprecision.com

  3. Azores Greenmark
Place: São Miguel - Açores
Photo: Azores Greenmark
    Azores Greenmark
    Azores Greenmark  - Feel the Azorean NatureThe Azores Greenmark "" is the only company in the Azores linking the services in conservation and environmental protection with the organization of tourist entertainment activities. We strive for a (...)

    Telephone: +351 296 472 204
    Fax: +351 296 472 204
    E-mail: info@azoresgreenmark.com
    Website: http://www.azoresgreenmark.com

  4. Azores Oceanic
    Azores Oceanic
    Discover a new Paradise!

    Telephone: +351 292 623 389 - 91 765 90 73 - 91 858 95 76
    Fax: +351 292 623 389
    E-mail: azoresoceanic@gmail.com
    Website: http://www.azoresoceanic.com

  5. Activities
    Back in Time Tour
    Back in Time Tour is a project of entrepreneur programs to organize cultural and nature activities. It aims to promote the cultural heritage of the Algarve region. Our programs provide for groups of 2 to 8 people the opportunity to take themed (...)

    Telephone: +351 968 081 541
    Fax: +351 289 463 007
    E-mail: info@backintimetour.com
    Website: http://www.backintimetour.com

  6. Bétula Tours
Place: Bragança
Photo: Bétula Tours
    Bétula Tours
    Bétula Tours, an ecotourism company based in Bragança, provides a flexible guided tours service in natural spaces, customised for small groups. With guides well acquainted with the territory, these tours are aimed at nature, wildlife and photography (...)

    Telephone: +351 273 326 290 / 960 237 459
    E-mail: info@antoniosa.com
    Website: http://www.antoniosa.com/tours

  7. Bioinsight Scientific Expeditions
Place: Odivelas
Photo: Bioinsight Scientific Expeditions
    Bioinsight Scientific Expeditions
    Our Expeditions are part of real conservation project. Our aim is to give people an experience as field biologists, living and working as one, feeling that they have contributed for the project success. Even though biological field work is not (...)

    Telephone: +351 938 686 343
    E-mail: sciexpeditions@bioinsight.pt
    Website: http://www.bioinsightexpeditions.com/

  8. Birdwatch in Alentejo
    Birdwatch in Alentejo
    Guided tours for bird watching.

    Telephone: +351 968 865 067
    E-mail: birdwatchinalentejo@gmail.com
    Website: http://www.birdwatchinalentejo.com

  9. Birdwatching Lisbon
Place: Lisboa
Photo: Birdwatching Lisbon
    Birdwatching Lisbon
    Birdwatching Lisbon is specialized in organizing and guiding birdwatching tours from Lisbon. Our tours are available all year round on request and include door to door transportation, guiding by experienced field ornithologists, use of optical (...)

    Telephone: +351 967 708 310
    Fax: +351 217 268 699
    E-mail: booking@birdwatchinglisbon.com
    Website: http://birdwatchinglisbon.com

  10. Águia pesqueira
Photo: João Edgar
    BirdWatching Portugal
    The BirdWatching Portugal offers diverse Nature Observation programs in Portugal and some spots of Spain. Our offer is based on a close contact with Nature, which includes guided tours, photographic tours of Nature among other programs using (...)

    Telephone: +351 965 136 225
    E-mail: info@birdwatching.com.pt
    Website: http://www.birdwatching.com.pt


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