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  1. Celorico de Basto
    Towns and Villages
    Celorico de Basto
    Standing close to the River Tâmega, this town was of great importance in the mediaeval period, as it was here that the most strategic points for the region's defence were to be found - the castles of Celorico de Basto and Arnóias. In more recent (...)

  2. Cartaxo
    Towns and Villages
    About 10 kilometres from Santarém, Cartaxo is a village of very ancient origin, and at the time of the Roman occupation it was an important staging post on the road linking Lisbon to Santarém.The region is still basically agricultural, and is known (...)

  3. Mondim de Basto
    Towns and Villages
    Mondim de Basto
    Situated close to the River Tâmega, Mondim de Basto was founded in the twelfth century in the reign of D. Sancho I and it still retains many traces of its occupation over the years by the various peoples that passed through here. Overlooking the (...)

  4. Vila de Rei
    Towns and Villages
    Vila de Rei
    If you imagine a line crossing Portugal from north to south, and another from east to west, Vila de Rei is situated right in the geodesic centre of the country, a fact that is marked on a peak of a geodesic pyramid in the Serra de Melriça, a point (...)

  5. Towns and Villages
    In the outskirts of Lisbon, the Loures region is traditionally known as the saloia (country) area, because the gardens that used to supply the city of Lisbon with vegetables and fresh produce were situated here.From the former times when it was in (...)

  6. Towns and Villages
    According to legend, Sertã owes its name to the wife of a Lusitanian nobleman who, after her husband died in a battle against the Romans, threw a "sertã"  (frying pan) full of boiling oil from the battlements of the castle over the Romans, forcing (...)

  7. Towns and Villages
    Macedo de Cavaleiros
    Situated in the north-east of Trás-os-Montes, Macedo de Cavaleiros is a land of manor houses in the midst of a fertile valley, close to the Serra de Bornes mountain range, where adventure sports, such as paragliding, are particularly popular. In the (...)

  8. Towns and Villages
    Situated in the Port wine demarcated region, Sabrosa still retains various features from the time of its settlement in the Neolithic period (dolmens and cromlechs) and some hill-top forts from the Iron Age, amongst them Castro da Sancha, which was (...)

  9. Towns and Villages
    Entroncamento started developing at the end of the 19th century around the most important railway station in the country, at the junction of the Northern and Eastern railway lines. The railway junction led workers from all over the country to settle (...)

  10. Paços de Ferreira
    Towns and Villages
    Paços de Ferreira
    This region has been inhabited since the very earliest of times and still preserves some very ancient remains from this period, such as the dolmen at Lamoso and Citânia de Sanfins (one of the most important archaeological sites in the north of the (...)


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