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Towns and Villages


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  1. Towns and Villages
    In the outskirts of Lisbon, the Loures region is traditionally known as the saloia (country) area, because the gardens that used to supply the city of Lisbon with vegetables and fresh produce were situated here.From the former times when it was in (...)

  2. Towns and Villages
    Sobral de Monte Agraço
    Situated in a region where farm smallholdings are predominant, where the landscape is harmoniously composed of vegetable gardens and vineyards, the peaceful and picturesque town of Sobral de Monte Agraço contains some interesting buildings, (...)

  3. Towns and Villages
    Due to the region´s particular geographical characteristics, the conditions here are ideal for water sports such as canoeing, as well as rock climbing and mountaineering. A special mention should be made of the many Romanesque monuments in the (...)

  4. Towns and Villages
    The municipality of Valpaços was founded in the nineteenth century, although it is thought that this region was already inhabited in prehistoric times and later occupied by the Romans, as is in fact proved by the many remains to be found here from (...)

  5. Towns and Villages
    Moimenta da Beira
    The name of "Moimenta" refers to a funereal construction or mausoleum and is thought to derive from the fact that in prehistoric times there was once a burial ground here. Aquilino Ribeiro, a Portuguese writer from the nineteenth and twentieth (...)

  6. Castro Marim
    Towns and Villages
    Castro Marim
    On the top of one hill stands a castle, on the other a star-shaped fort. Between them the houses of Castro Marim, with their white walls with brightly-painted borders, their flat roofs and their ornate chimneys sculpted into lace-like patterns. (...)

  7. Towns and Villages
    Macedo de Cavaleiros
    Situated in the north-east of Trás-os-Montes, Macedo de Cavaleiros is a land of manor houses in the midst of a fertile valley, close to the Serra de Bornes mountain range, where adventure sports, such as paragliding, are particularly popular. In the (...)

  8. Towns and Villages
    Having only recently become an administrative centre (in the nineteenth century), Fafe is heavily marked by the influences brought back by many of its inhabitants who emigrated to Brazil in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. On returning to (...)

  9. Marco de Canaveses
    Towns and Villages
    Marco de Canaveses
    Standing in one of the most fertile areas of the Douro region, Marco de Canaveses has acquired great importance as a centre of agricultural production, particularly wine and chestnuts, and all over the surrounding mountains are traces of its (...)

  10. Mação
    Towns and Villages
    In the hinterland of the country, in the area of Pinhal, so called because it belongs to the largest forested area in Europe, Mação is a peaceful town which mingles characteristics of the Lower Beira (especially the landscape of hills and valleys) (...)


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