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  1. Vila Real
Place: Vila Real
Photo: Nuno Calvet
    Towns and Villages
    Vila Real
    The provincial capital of Trás-os-Montes, Vila Real stands on a 427m high outcrop that forms the watershed between the Corgo and Cabril rivers with its elegant houses harmoniously descending the slopes.The first royal charter was granted to Vila (...)

  2. Vila Real de Santo António
Photo: Pedro Reis - ATA
    Towns and Villages
    Vila Real de Santo António
    In the sixteenth century, there existed a town known as Vila de Santo António de Arenilha, which was probably much closer to the sea. By the eighteenth century, this town had disappeared, having been engulfed by the sea and sand. It was, however, (...)

  3. handmade-valentines-handkerchie
Photo: AT Porto and the North
    Towns and Villages
    Vila Verde
    Standing in the heart of an extremely fertile region, at the point where the River Homem flows into the River Cávado, Vila Verde offers visitors the chance to appreciate some of the most beautiful countryside in Portugal, in a bucolic setting that (...)

  4. Vila Viçosa
    Towns and Villages
    Vila Viçosa
    Situated in one of the most fertile regions in the south of Portugal, Vila Viçosa was often at the centre of some of the most important moments in the country's history.The House of the Dukes of Bragança, the most powerful noble family after the (...)

  5. Vimioso
    Towns and Villages
    The town of Vimioso received its first charter in the sixteenth century, although the region had already been inhabited since prehistoric times, as can be seen from the remains found on the hill of Atalaia, which overlooks the town. This frontier (...)

  6. Vinhais
    Towns and Villages
    The military road built by the Romans to connect Braga, Chaves and Astorga passed close to the present-day site of Vinhais and the Ponte da Rauca bridge also dates from that time. The town was founded in the thirteenth century by the Portuguese king (...)

  7. Viseu
Photo: TdP
    Towns and Villages
    According to some explanations, the city's name derived from the Roman term "viso", which means a good view, and in fact from its highest point, where the original settlement was formed in Roman times, Viseu offers its visitors some quite (...)

  8. Zambujeira do Mar
    Towns and Villages
    Zambujeira do Mar
    Affording an excellent view over the beach, Zambujeira do Mar is a small fishing village where it is still possible to enjoy a feeling of great peace and tranquillity.The beautiful beaches are one of the main attractions for the many visitors that (...)


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