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  1. Tourism in the Country
    Quinta do Burgo
    Belonging to the farm, there is the tenant´s house. It is still possible to observe the vestiges of the rural tasks.Outside the house, there is a tiller where breakfast is served.The vast nature and the river Cávado enables the fishing, the fluvial (...)

    Telephone: +351 253 992 749; 96 171 86 60
    Fax: +351 253 996 272
    E-mail: info@quintadoburgo.com
    Website: http://www.quintadoburgo.com

  2. Quinta do Cabouco
    Tourism in a Manor House
    Quinta do Cabouco
    Quinta do Cabouco is a manor-house built in the 18th century, restored and enlarged in 2003, with care, to maintain its old look. It was licenced by the local Tourism Authority as being one of the best B&B (bed and breakfast) houses of Madeira (...)

    Telephone: +351 291 957 532; 91 869 69 96
    E-mail: geral@quintadocabouco.com
    Website: http://www.quintadocabouco.com

  3. Quinta do Calvário
    Tourism in a Manor House
    Quinta do Calvário
    Situated in a privileged tourist zone, close to Coimbra, a city embraced by unforgettable Sta. Clara panoramas, it is a manor house with 17th century roots, integrated in a rural environment where the comfort of its interiors and the envolving (...)

    Telephone: 239912222
    Fax: 239912222

  4. Tourism in a Manor House
    Quinta do Campo
    Out of the ten farms built by the Monks of Cister during the construction of Alcobaça's Monastery (XII and XIII centuries), Quinta do Campo is the only one still remaining between Alcobaça and Nazaré and today a modern and comfortable touristic (...)

    Telephone: 262577135
    Fax: 262577555
    E-mail: quintadocampo@mail.telepac.pt

  5. Tourism in the Country
    Quinta do Canário (CC)

    Telephone: 413095
    Fax: 295 412802
    E-mail: geral@quintadocanario.com
    Website: http://www.quintadocanario.com

  6. Tourism in the Country
    Quinta do Canavial

    Telephone: +351 295 412 981/825 - 91 890 45 68
    Fax: +351 295 412 827
    E-mail: quintadocanavial@sapo.pt
    Website: http://www.quintadocanavial.com

  7. Tourism in a Manor House
    Quinta do Caracol

    Telephone: +351 281 322 475
    Fax: +351 281 323 175
    E-mail: geral@quintadocaracol.com; reservas@quintadocaracol.com
    Website: http://quintadocaracol.com/

  8. Tourism in a Manor House
    Quinta do Carujeiro

    Telephone: 254875567
    Fax: 222003889

  9. Tourism in a Manor House
    Quinta do Carvalhinho
    The Quinta do Carvalhinho is a beautiful vinegrowing property found in the village of Ventosa do Bairro, in the zone of Mealhada. An inscription on the limestone façade of the private chapel belonging to the house is dated 1698, thus giving us (...)

    Telephone: +351 231 289 343
    Fax: +351 231 289 343
    E-mail: geral@quintadocarvalhinho.pt
    Website: http://www.quintadocarvalhinho.pt/

  10. Quinta do Casal do Condado
    Tourism in a Manor House
    Quinta do Casal do Condado

    Telephone: +351 258 943 881; +351 258 931 750
    Fax: +351 258 943 881; +351 258 93 13 20
    E-mail: info@quintadocasal.com
    Website: http://www.quintadocasal.com


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