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  1. A Ordem de Cister no Alto Minho
    The Cistercian Order in the Alto Minho
    In the green and pleasant land of the Alto Minho, located nearby the great rivers that flow from East to West, in unforgettable settings, we can discover four important nuclei of Cistercian monasteries – in locations that, from the 11th century (...)

  2. Largo da Oliveira
Photo: CMG PPacheco
    Largo da Oliveira
    The Largo da Oliveira owes its name to a centuries-old olive-tree planted on this same site. Surrounded by picturesque houses that are typical of the north of Portugal, it is the ideal starting point for a walking tour of the city´s streets. But, in (...)

  3. Dams
    Barragem do Alqueva
    Alqueva Dam The largest artificial lake in Europe, whose borders measure over 1000 km and which includes dozens of islands.

  4. Other
    Festival of the Crosses - Monsanto
    According to a longstanding tradition, in the 2nd century BC, the Roman praetor Lucius Emilius Paulus lay siege to Mons Sanctus, the Roman name for Monsanto, where there was a pocket of resistance to the power of Rome. For seven years, the local (...)

  5. Other
    A packed day out on the other side of the Tagus
    The beautiful landscapes of the Serra da Arrábida and the beaches around the Sado river estuary provide an excellent backdrop to this scenic tour to the south of Lisbon. Do not get confused, there are two "Azeitão". Start in Vila Nogueira de (...)

  6. Other
    Bridges in the Douro estuary
    D. Maria Pia BridgeDesigned by the engineer, Gustave Eiffel, this bi-articulated arched railway bridge, measuring 352.875m long and 61 m high, was inaugurated in 1877 by the Royal family. It operated until 1991, on which date the railway service (...)

  7. TeCA
    Teatro Carlos Alberto
    The twelve-year span separating the destruction by fire of the Real Teatro de São João (1908) from the opening of the new Teatro de São João (1920) meant a golden opportunity which the other theatres in Porto quickly seized. All of them carried out (...)

  8. Aldeia Típica de José Franco
    José Franco’s typical Village
    Close to Mafra, you have the chance to discover a typical village from Lisbon’s “saloio” region. It is made entirely of clay and has been built in a natural size, being the work of the Portuguese sculptor José Franco.In the village of Sobreiro, (...)

  9. Furna do Enxofre
Place: Graciosa
Photo: Turismo dos Açores
    Furna do Enxofre
    The Furna do Enxofre, situated in the south-eastern part of the Caldeira da Ilha Graciosa, is an impressive lava cave, whose main feature is its perfect dome-shaped roof. The inside of the cave is reached via a tower roughly 37 metres high and (...)

  10. Casas dos Pastorinhos
    Casas dos Pastorinhos
    The three shepherd children to whom Our Lady appeared - Lúcia and her cousins, Francisco and Jacinta - were born in the small village of Aljustrel, around 2 kms from the sanctuary of Fátima. The single-storey cottages formerly inhabited by the (...)


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