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  1. Berlengas
    Towns and Villages
    Located opposite Peniche, the Berlengas Archipelago consists of 3 groups of small islands: Berlenga Grande (the only inhabited one, that can be visited by boat from Peniche) and the nearby reefs, Estelas and Farilhões-Forcadas; their geological (...)

  2. Towns and Villages
    In a predominantly agricultural region, with a tradition going back to the 14th century, when this area was part of the farm of the Monastery of Alcobaça and was looked after by the monks, Bombarral is famous as a fruit and wine-producing centre, a (...)

  3. Borba
    Towns and Villages
    Borba was founded long ago when the Iberian Peninsula was occupied by Gallo-Celtic tribes, although the town's importance and development are, of course, closely linked to the Christian Reconquest and the defence of the Portuguese territory.Borba (...)

  4. Towns and Villages
    The town is situated in the rugged, mountainous region of Barroso, where the famous barrosã breed of beef cattle are reared. The meat that they produce has long been appreciated as the food of kings and was recently awarded a certificate, thereby (...)

  5. Braga
    Towns and Villages
    Work on the Roman "Bracara Augusta", a regional juridical capital, began during the reign of emperor Augustus in 27 bc. It was part of the Empire´s network criss-crossing the Iberian peninsula to link it with Rome. Demonstrating the importance of (...)

  6. Bragança
    Towns and Villages
    A wander around the historical centre inevitably leads to the calm of the medieval citadel, the home to the Dukedom of Bragança.As a recognised settlement, dates back to the 12th century. Fernão Mendes, a member of the Braganções family, and (...)

  7. Buçaco
    Towns and Villages
    A large and majestic forest, the Serra do Buçaco is a genuine botanical garden where roughly 700 native and exotic species can be found, all of them protected by a Papal Bull issued in the seventeenth century threatening anyone damaging the trees (...)

  8. Towns and Villages
    Cabeceiras de Basto
    The town is situated in a region known as the lands of "Basto", its name being linked to the legendary Lusitanian warrior, "Basto", who fought so bravely against the Moorish invaders and was later depicted in a series of granite statues. Such (...)

  9. Cadaval
    Towns and Villages
    A picturesque town surrounded by vineyards and orchards, Cadaval is a region where agriculture, especially the extensive vineyards and orchards, continues to dominate the economy.In the environs, on the Serra de Montejunto (the highest point in the (...)

  10. Towns and Villages
    Caldas da Rainha
    The town owes its name to the thermal spring that was much appreciated by Queen Dona Leonor, wife of the 15th century King Dom JoãoII, who had the opportunity to confirm the curative properties of these waters when they cured her of a wound that for (...)


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