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Portugal Tourism Response

Are you in Portugal? 

I’m in Portugal and I want to return to my country in the center of Europe by car / motorhome. Can I cross the border Portugal/Spain?  
Yes, the right of exit for citizens residing in another country is guaranteed 

The public transportation is working?
Yes, public transport remains in operation, but has reduced the capacity of vehicles and / or trains

Is it possible to visit restaurants and bars?
Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, some restaurants and bars are open but only on a take-away basis or ensuring home deliveries.

Is it possible to visit museums or other cultural spaces?
At the moment, museums, monuments and cultural spaces are closed and the events scheduled for the next days / weeks have been postponed or canceled.

What about going to the beach or parks and gardens?
The beaches were closed and the parks and gardens were closed

What about traveling around the country, walking or driving, are there any restrictions?
Due to the declaration of the state of emergency it is only possible to travel to buy essential goods, go to the pharmacy or supermarket

Do you want to come to Portugal?

I plan to fly to Portugal tomorrow. It's possible? Can you tell me from when it will no longer be possible to do so?
Due to the declaration of a state of emergency, regular air connections are suppressed.

Will I run the risk of not being able to return to my country? 
With the closure of borders, there is no longer regular transport between different countries. You should contact your country's Embassy or Consulate to find out how to proceed.

How long will this situation last? What measures will be taken next?
At this time, we can inform you that the state of emergency will remain in effect for 14 days, until April 2, but may be renewed.

I have a holiday scheduled in Portugal for the next month. Can you advise me if I should go? What are the risks? 
As long as the state of emergency is in force it will not be possible to travel to Portugal. We suggest that you consult our website to stay up to date on the measures that are being taken.

I have a scheduled flight to Portugal. Can you tell me if the flight is confirmed and how can I be refunded if it is canceled?
You should contact the airline directly to confirm this information and find out how it can be refunded.
Below we indicate links to the websites of the Airlines and ANA - Aeroportos de Portugal, where you can get more detailed information:

I have accommodation booked for my holidays in Portugal. Due to the outbreak of COVID 19 I need to cancel the reservation. How can I do it? How can I get a refund?
You should contact the tourist accommodation unit where you made the reservation directly and obtain information about the refund.

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