Bühler-Brockhaus Collection

Bühler-Brockhaus Collection
Bühler-Brockhaus Collection


Museum of Archaeology D. Diogo de Sousa inaugurates exhibition with about 300 pieces of Classical Art fruit of a donation and the affection of a German couple resident in Portugal. The inauguration will feature the participation of the Secretary of State for Culture, Ângela Ferreira.
The "Bühler-Brockhaus Collection" consists of about 300 works from Classical Antiquity and was donated in 2018 by a German couple living in Portugal - Hans-Peter Bühler and Marion Bühler-Brockhaus. This couple also financed, with about half a million euros, the very assembly of this new exhibition space, and the works of refurbishment of the museum property, namely in what concerns the painting and cleaning of the whole outside, improvement of accessibility, safety and lighting.
The new Collection, originating from the cradle of Classical Antiquity, comes to complement the existing Collection, largely from Bracara Augusta and the surrounding territory. The collection includes a wide range of objects from various origins and chronologies, in most of the Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan and Roman worlds. Among the exhibited works are sculptures in marble, Roman mosaics, Greek and Etruscan ceramic vases, Roman unguentaria in glass, utensils of everyday life and adornments in bronze and noble metals, a sculpture of the head of Emperor Trajan and a marble bust of Emperor Augustus stand out.
In addition to the set of pieces that make up the tangible materiality, this Collection has a personal character, reflected in the interest shared by this couple by the Classical Culture, and memories and experiences of a lifetime in common.
Exhibition is open to the public on October 22.
Start Date:
22 October 2021


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