Anabela Duarte | Whistles, Screams and Dancing Phonemes

Anabela Duarte | Whistles, Screams and Dancing Phonemes
Anabela Duarte | Whistles, Screams and Dancing Phonemes


The recital Whistles, Screams and Dancing Phonemes is a project by Anabela Duarte with the collaboration of the singer Loré Lixenberg, uniting two innovative and creative paths in the field of contemporary music for voice. The initiative began with a proposal for the interpretation of Kurt Schwitters' Ursonate (1932), a major work of Dadaist poetry that inaugurates another type of sonata - the primordial sonata or that of primitive sounds. From this provocative and uncanonical work, which uses language to deconstruct more conventional forms, other creations by composers and poets who worked on the physicality of music and poetry were added to the programme, such as the lyricists Isidore Isou and Maurice Lemaître, Erwin Schulhoff, Cathy Berberian, Salette Tavares and Ana Hatherly, Anthony Braxton or Jackson McLow. The voice in music, as Deleuze and Guattari would say, "has always been a privileged field of experimentation, simultaneously touching language and sound" and taking them outwards, to other dimensions. In this new space of lexical and sonic invention, incorporation, stuttering and noise, we propose to listen to music as an open work.
Start Date:
03 June 2023
End Date:
04 June 2023
Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisboa
(+351) 21 361 24 00

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