Trypas Corassão + Hetta + The Rite of Trio | Season Impulso 2023

Trypas Corassão + Hetta + The Rite of Trio | Season Impulso 2023
Trypas Corassão + Hetta + The Rite of Trio | Season Impulso 2023


Impulso is a festival that unfolds over 10 months, for 10 distinct dates. There are more than 25 concerts and multidisciplinary projects, which will pinch the four seasons throughout the year: the 'Impulso 23 Season'.
In June, on the 23rd you can attend the concerts of Trypas Corassão, Hetta and The Rite of Trio.

Trypas Corassão: Composed by Tita Maravilha and Cigarra, Brazilian duo established in Lisbon, Trypas Corassão is an aesthetic, artistic and political project, which unfolds in the hybrid creation between electronic music and performance.

Hetta: Set in Montijo, Hetta is a quartet formed by Alex Domingos, João Pires, João Portalegre and Simão Simões. They play fast, chaotic music, navigating the universes of mathcore, screamo and noise, wrapping them in a post-hardcore that both winks at the 90's and 00's and seeks to give a hand to the winds of the future.

The Rite of Trio: Six years after the internationally acclaimed GETTING ALL THE EVIL OF THE PISTON COLLAR!, the undisputed masters of jambacore - André B. Silva, Pedro Melo Alves and Filipe Louro - are back with a powerful new album, Free Development of Delirium, in which they raise to the maximum their post-post-modernist, absurd, ironic, cynical, in your face, and yes, pyroclastic musical concept. The music is made from the debris of past vanguards, from jazz, contemporary classical music, metal, punk, and other counterculture references.
Start Date:
23 June 2023
End Date:
23 June 2023
CCC - Centro Cultural e Congressos, Caldas da Rainha

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