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Madeira – Latest News

Madeira – Latest News


After the violent storm that hit Madeira on 20 February, life on the island has completely returned to normal since 1 March. Public services are now working normally and most shops and businesses have reopened. There are, however, some cleaning up operations still being undertaken in the city of Funchal, which are due to be completed by 8 March.

The hotels were not affected by the storm and, throughout this period, have continued to remain open to guests in complete safety. The Madeira International Airport remained fully operational at all times, as did the Port of Funchal, which since 28 February has once again started to receive cruise ships, a clear and auspicious sign that this important activity has returned to normal.

The Madeiran Regional Government is doing everything it can to guarantee that the economic activity of the autonomous region will continue as before, and work is currently in progress to re-establish accesses to all points of the island and to repair the damaged houses. Everyone, government and population alike, is united in their commitment to ensure that the island’s Flower Festival in April will be a great celebration of the life of the Madeiran people and a clear demonstration of their full recovery.

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Madeira – Latest News
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