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Doca do Bom Sucesso - Porto de Lisboa

Doca do Bom Sucesso - Porto de Lisboa

This dock formerly belonged to the Portuguese Navy and has been opened to pleasure craft (with 163 berths for boats up to 15 metres in length).

It is situated a short distance to the east of the Torre de Belém, a 16th C monument classified by UNESCO as world heritage and a magnificent example of the Manueline style of architecture (an elaborate and exclusively Portuguese variety of the late Gothic style). Between this tower, which has since become the very hallmark of Lisboa, and the Praça do Império, there are several important monuments facing the river and marking the point from which the Portuguese navigators set sail on their great voyages of discovery (beginning in 1415).

Doca do Bom Sucesso - Porto de Lisboa
Avenida de Brasília - Belém
1399-038 Lisboa
+351 213 922 080 - 213 611 000
+351 213 922 195

Tide information
Filling station
Water supply
Power supply available
Sea ramp available
Number of permanent mooring sites
: 163
Maximum ship hull size at berthing point
: -1 (ZH)
Maximum length at berthing point
: 15
: VHF 12, 74
Solid residue collection service

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