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  1. Parque de Campismo de Oleiros
    Parque de Campismo de Oleiros

    TEL: +351 92 686 01 12 / 272 681 106
    MAIL: geral@campingoleiros.com
    WEBSITE: www.campingoleiros.com

  2. Parque de Campismo Quinta das Cegonhas
    Parque de Campismo Quinta das Cegonhas

    TEL: +351 238 745 886
    MAIL: cegonhas@cegonhas.com
    WEBSITE: www.cegonhas.com

  3. Camping
    Parque de Campismo Alenquer Camping
    Alenquer Camping has bungalows, swimming-pools, playgound , a bar and a winemarket. Have fun and rest at Alenquer Camping.In Vinimercado you can buy bottled wines of Ribatejo for a very nice price.We have also a small bookstore with books about (...)

    TEL: +351 93 498 79 54
    FAX: +351 263 710 375
    MAIL: camping@dosdin.pt
    WEBSITE: www.alenquercamping.dosdin.pt

  4. Camping
    Parque de Campismo do Clube de Campismo do Concelho Almada

    TEL: 212902941
    FAX: 212911633

  5. Camping
    Camping Asseiceira
    Located in the spectacular national park of Serra de São Mamede. Here you will pitch up in our small olive grove, with views rising up to the spectacular medieval castle and town of Marvão.

    TEL: +351 245 992 940
    MAIL: gary-campingasseiceira@hotmail.com
    WEBSITE: www.campingasseiceira.com

  6. Zmar Eco Camping Resort & Spa*****
    Zmar Eco Camping Resort & Spa*****
    Zmar - Eco Camping Resort & Spa focuses on nature, ecology and sustainable tourism.An 81 hectare resort that was built to mingle in the natural scenario of Southwest Alentejo and Vicentina Coast Reserve, Zmar is a chance for a sustainable holiday! (...)

    TEL: +351 707 200 626
    FAX: +351 212 198 968
    MAIL: info@zmar.eu;reservas@zmar.eu
    WEBSITE: www.zmar.eu

  7. Camping
    Camping Turiscampo

    TEL: 282789431
    FAX: 212756468

  8. Camping
    Parque de Campismo Cepo Verde
    Named one of the top ten Portuguese campsites (by the Visão magazine 2012). Very quiet and family-friendly. Area filled with chestnut trees, oak trees and cherry trees and in a place recognised (by IGESPAR - public institute) as an ancient Roman (...)

    TEL: +351 273 999 371
    FAX: +351 273 323 577
    MAIL: cepoverde@montesinho.com
    WEBSITE: www.montesinho.com/cepoverde

  9. Camping
    Parque de Campismo de Montargil / Orbitur

    TEL: +351 242 901 207
    FAX: +351 242 901 220
    MAIL: montargil@orbitur.pt
    WEBSITE: http://www.orbitur.pt

  10. Camping
    Parque de Campismo de Medas

    TEL: 224760161
    FAX: 224760162


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