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    Restaurants and Cafés

    Telephone: +351 21 460 20 23

  2. "Altar dos Perfumes" - Domingas Pita (1962-2013)
    "Altar dos Perfumes" - Domingas Pita (1962-2013)
    The exhibition "Altar of Perfumes" - Domingas Pita (1962-2013), will be on show at the Casa das Mudas Gallery - Madeira Museum of Contemporary Art, Calheta. Curated by Teresa Jardim and Márcia de Sousa. This evocative exhibition of the life and work (...)

    Telephone: (351) 291 820 900
    E-mail: mudas@madeira.gov.pt
    Website: https://cultura.madeira.gov.pt/agenda-cultural123/5252-altar (...)

  3. "Cão Sem Plumas" | Dance Company Debora Colker
    "Cão Sem Plumas" | Dance Company Debora Colker
    The prestigious Brazilian dance company returns to Lisbon with "Cão Sem Plumas", a striking show, critically acclaimed worldwide and winner of the prestigious Prix Benois de la Danse, the 'Oscar of dance', in 2018. Inspired by a poem by João Cabral (...)

    Telephone: +351 213 151 050
    E-mail: teatrotivolibbva@uau.pt
    Website: https://www.teatrotivolibbva.pt/pt/event/482/cao-sem-plumas- (...)

  4. "Collapse" | Flávia Montenegro
    "Collapse" | Flávia Montenegro
    'Collapse', the exhibition invites deep reflection on humanity's impact on the degradation of the world through the lens of Flávia Montenegro. On September 30, Brazilian photographer Flávia Montenegro presents her intriguing exhibition "Collapse" at (...)

    Telephone: +351 969 009 418
    E-mail: montenegro.fm@gmail.com

  5. Explora Lisboa
Place: Lisboa
Photo: Explora Lisboa
    "Explora Lisboa"
    Explore the coast of Lisbon and enjoy the nautical activities that we have selected for you!

    Telephone: +351 960 349 201
    E-mail: info@supxperiencestore.com
    Website: http://www.exploralisboa.com

  6. "Great Works of Chamber Music" | Cascais and Oeiras Chamber Orchestra
    "Great Works of Chamber Music" | Cascais and Oeiras Chamber Orchestra
    The soloists of the Cascais and Oeiras Chamber Orchestra perform two of the most emblematic chamber music works that include wind instruments. The compositions, of high artistic quality and of great technical demands for the whole ensemble, (...)

    Telephone: 214 815 660
    E-mail: geral@fdl.pt
    Website: https://360.cascais.pt/pt/agenda/grandes-obras-de-musica-de- (...)

  7. "Heritage of the South"
    "Heritage of the South"
    From October 5 to 8, Beja will host 'Patrimónios do Sul', a fair that promotes the identity of the territory in the south of the country in economic, cultural and tourist terms. Wines, agri-food products, tourism, biodiversity, arts and crafts, (...)

    Telephone: +351 284 311 800
    E-mail: get@cm-beja.pt
    Website: https://cm-beja.pt/patrimoniosdosul

  8. "In the Penal Colony" by Philip Glass
    "In the Penal Colony" by Philip Glass
    On 25 October, conductor Martim Sousa Tavares conducts the opera "Na Colónia Penal", by Philip Glass, one of the most influential composers of the late 20th century. Arriving at a penal colony on an unnamed island, a visitor comes across a complex (...)

    Website: https://ticketline.sapo.pt/evento/na-colonia-penal-opera-de- (...)

  9. "I wish I was a rock in this Island” | Filipa Figueiredo
    "I wish I was a rock in this Island” | Filipa Figueiredo
    From July 7 to December 30 you can visit the exhibition of Filipa Figueiredo at Quinta Magnolia - Cultural Center. The exhibition features thirteen 140 x 110 cm works elaborated in cotton etching paper. "I Wish I Was a Rock In This Island" is an (...)

    Telephone: +351 291 145 330
    E-mail: magnoliacentrocultural@gmail.com
    Website: https://cultura.madeira.gov.pt/agenda-cultural123/5058-expos (...)

  10. Events
    "Lágrimas no Mar" | Arnaldo Antunes + Vítor Araújo
    The partnership between Arnaldo Antunes, one of the greatest figures in Brazilian culture, and Vítor Araújo, a piano prodigy, began in 2020 when they were rehearsing "O Real ao Vivo", the launch show for Arnaldo's latest album, "O Real Resiste". (...)

    Telephone: 232 480 110
    E-mail: geral@teatroviriato.com
    Website: https://www.teatroviriato.com/calendario/detalhe.php?id=1207


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