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General Conditions

The Website is administered by Turismo de Portugal, IP, and aims to provide information and suggested itineraries for users who want to explore and/or visit Portugal.

It is a not-for-profit Website, and there is no commercial or other interest in the selection of contents. The contents of the website are selected using publishing and marketing criteria with the sole purpose of encouraging the choice of Portugal as a tourist destination.

However, before consulting the Website, you should read the Terms of Use.

The continued use of the Website by the visitor/user assumes the acceptance of its terms and conditions, without any reservation, so if you do not agree with them you should immediately stop browsing the site.

Turismo de Portugal, IP, reserves the right to change the content and layout of the Website at any time, as well as the terms and conditions of its use, and therefore, whenever accessing the Website, the visitor/user should consult these terms and conditions.

Additional information may be obtained from Turismo de Portugal, IP, via the e-mail info@visitportugal.com.

Property Rights

All contents of the Website, specifically texts, photographs, images, illustrations, designs, graphics, pictures, trademarks, logos, advertising, audio or video materials, web design and the software or other distinctive material liable to commercial or industrial use, are protected under the general law and legislation on intellectual and industrial property, copyright and related rights, and may not be used outside of the Website without the prior written consent of Turismo de Portugal, IP.

Subject to the above, you may download or copy the contents of the Website, strictly for personal use.

It is expressly forbidden to use the Website for illegal purposes or for purposes that may be deemed unworthy of the image of Turismo de Portugal, IP.

The theft, forgery, use of counterfeit or usurped content, illegitimate identification and unfair competition are criminal offences punishable by law.

Turismo de Portugal, IP, reserves the right to take legal action against the perpetrators of any copy, reproduction or other unauthorised use of the content of the Website by third parties


Turismo de Portugal, IP, fully respects the right to privacy of users of the portal, which is why, in principle, it does not capture or use browsing information that could identify its visitors, limiting the collection of information of a personal nature to the data that is voluntarily provided by visitors/users, and using it solely for the purposes for which it is intended.

 In addition to the above, it is hereby clarified that the Website collects and uses the following information, in line with the provisions on cookies:
-   The user’s country of origin, in order to improve the match between the user’s aims and interests and the information that is displayed.
-   Information explicitly indicated by the user about the content and other pages, that can later be organised by the user to create a plan for their holiday. These are saved between visits to the website (for users with ‘cookies’ or with a ‘login’), so that we can provide a support service for planning a trip to Portugal by the visitor and/or a group;
-   information explicitly indicated by the user about his or her profile and interests, so as to display those contents that better suit the visitor;
-   the identification of the visitor signing up, subscribing to newsletters or asking for information, regardless of the computer he or she uses, with the creation of a login comprising an e-mail address and a password.

Any interaction with the Website will be recorded for quality control and reporting purposes, particularly, without limitation, data submitted for registration, inquiries, webchat, competitions and quizzes.

Personal data can be updated and amended in the Registration/Profile area of the Website.

The visitor can also use the Website to request that his or her account be de-activated, that data in the "Profile" and content added to "Planning" be deleted, and subscription to the newsletter be cancelled. De-activation of the account does not, however, mean that registration data, particularly for website use history purposes, will be erased, but that it will not be used by Turismo de Portugal, IP.

Personal data provided by visitors/users will be stored in the website’s database, owned by Turismo de Portugal, IP, which can be accessed by Institute personnel and the respective Tourism representatives abroad. Such data will be treated as confidential, both by employees of Turismo de Portugal, IP, and by employees of companies that Turismo de Portugal, IP may hire to provide technical or other services in this area, in accordance with Law no. 67/98 of 26 October (Protection of Personal Data Law).

The Website also produces a database with merely statistical aggregated information, without any personal identification, on the profiles, interests and countries of origin of its visitors. This information is used to improve the response of the Website to the interests and requests of its visitors and may, for that purpose, be made available to third parties.

Minors under the age of 18 must obtain permission from their parents or guardians before accessing the Website or making personal data available on it.

The responsibility for identifying the content and pages that minors access lies with their parents or legal guardians.


Turismo de Portugal, IP, reserves the right to suspend, modify or discontinue the publication of all or part of the Website, at any time. Visitors/users agree that access to the Website and its channels and services may be terminated at any time with or without notice, and Turismo de Portugal shall not be held responsible.

Turismo de Portugal, IP undertakes to make every effort and take all steps to maintain the normal functioning, availability and continuity of the Website possible within the technical means at hand, adopting at every opportunity the best international practices commonly used in the sector, in particular with regard to security and the assurance of confidentiality and privacy of visitors/users of the Website, also avoiding by all possible means, the presence of viruses or other harmful elements that may cause disruption to the visitor’s/user’s computer system.

Notwithstanding the commitment stated above, Turismo de Portugal, IP, can give no guarantees, and therefore declines any liability for damages caused by outages, faults or deficiencies in the functioning of the Website. Similarly, Turismo de Portugal, IP cannot ensure that the Website will work properly on a permanent basis, nor that it is at all times free from viruses or other harmful elements that may cause damage or disrupt the electronic documents or files in the visitor’s/user’s computer system, nor is in any way responsible for any damages caused.

Turismo de Portugal, IP also declines any liability for damages that may result from actions or behaviour by third parties that violate personality rights, intellectual or industrial property rights, commercial or industrial secrets; from unfair competition or illegal advertising, as well as from abusive intrusions that may affect the privacy and safety of use of the Website.

Turismo de Portugal, IP will make every effort to ensure that the information and facts contained on the Website are the best and most relevant of those available. However, Turismo de Portugal, IP gives no guarantee, express or implied, that the information that is provided, produced or issued on the website by third parties is always updated and accurate and bears no responsibility for any consequences, direct and/or indirect, arising from the use of the information provided. Turismo de Portugal, IP, therefore, recommends that users of the Website contact the organisations and companies mentioned directly in order to confirm the information collected.

Turismo de Portugal, IP would like to be informed by visitors/users whenever they find inaccurate and/or outdated data on the Website, so that it can be rectified.

Involvement of users in the content of the Website

The Portal allows and encourages the direct involvement of its users by uploading texts, videos and photos, hereinafter referred to as "Content", sharing their experience in Portugal, participating in past-times, forums and other channels and/or features created for this purpose.

Users who upload content directly on to the Website may not impersonate others or misrepresent their identity.

Content entered by users directly on to the Website is the sole responsibility of their authors, expressing only their personal opinions, and Turismo de Portugal, IP shall not, on any account, be held liable for them.

Notwithstanding the above, Turismo de Portugal, IP may monitor the content uploaded by users directly to the website, and reserves the right to edit, refuse to post or remove/delete all or part of the contents:
 a)    That do not comply with these terms of reference;
b)     That violate any applicable national or international law;
c)    That contain messages deemed illegal, offensive, defamatory, abusive, obscene or discriminatory for racial, sexual, religious, or political reasons or on grounds of creed, nationality, age or social status;
d)    That violate the rights of others relating to personality, authorship or similar, as well as industrial, commercial or other rights. Note: If the user wants to upload content of which he or she is not the owner, prior authorisation must be obtained from the legitimate holders of those rights allowing such content to be used and uploaded on to the Website, in accordance with the conditions set out in these terms of reference;
e)    That contain computer viruses, programs or other components that may affect or damage data and prove harmful or contaminant;
f)     That have a spamming or chain letter nature;
g)    That contain e-mail or website addresses or html tags;
h)   T hat have any commercial or advertising purpose, or constitute misleading, unfair or unlawful advertising;
i)     That are not related to the scope of the Website or contain false, ambiguous or misleading information.

Contents uploaded by users directly on to the Website are limited to:
 - text – between 100 and 2500 characters 
- images – maximum 1 MB
- video – maximum 75 MB

Contents uploaded directly on to the website by users may be written in Portuguese, English, German, French, Italian or Spanish.

The guidelines indicated above are not exhaustive, merely illustrative, and Turismo de Portugal, IP reserves the right to amend them from time to time.

When uploading content on to the Website, users authorise Turismo de Portugal, IP, freely and without any limitation or reservation, to use the content uploaded, as it stands or with any changes it deems appropriate to carry out itself or through third parties, wherever and as it sees fit, regardless of the medium and the means used.

Turismo de Portugal I.P. does not guarantee to its users that their content will be fully or partially published.

Users shall be responsible for any damages of any nature that Turismo de Portugal, IP may incur directly or indirectly as a result of using the contents made available, arising, inter alia, from infringement of third party rights and/or violation of these Terms of Use.

Without prejudice to any liability for damages that may result, Turismo de Portugal, IP may, at any time and without notice, terminate and discontinue its relationship with the user, preventing/blocking his or her access to the website or any of its features or channels, if it notices any usage inconsistent with the provisions in these terms of use or in violation of the law.

Users may, at any time, delete any content uploaded by them directly on to the Website, and in doing so revoke the permission granted to Turismo de Portugal, IP for the use of such content. The cancellation/removal of content will only take prospective effect, all effects to that point being safeguarded.

Transfer of requests for information

Requests for information submitted through the "Contact Us" page may be forwarded to other entities better qualified to provide the clarification or assistance requested. This referral is made individually and not in data files, and shall be made known to the user.

Personal information will only be passed to other entities in the case identified above and whenever this is in accordance with the applicable legislation or when Turismo de Portugal is required to do so by a court order.


This website uses ‘cookies’, which are small text files saved on the user’s computer. These enable Turismo de Portugal, I.P., to identify the computers that access the website, and the contents that are of interest to their users.

The ‘cookie’ does not save any information that identifies the user.

Although Turismo de Portugal, I.P. does not pass on any information, even unidentified, to third parties, this website does save statistical information collected about the preferences of its visitors, which it may pass on to official bodies in the tourism sector.

‘Cookies’ enable this website to recognise the user of a computer on a subsequent visit, with the new visit operating as a continuation of the previous one.

Users that sign up and use a ‘login’ for identification will have the website recover the information previously recorded on the users, even if that information has been captured from a different computer.

The use of ‘cookies’ may be disabled on your computer. On some operating systems and/or browsers they may be disabled for certain sites only. Consult your computer’s manual to change your settings to allow ‘cookies’ from this website.

If you disable the use of ‘cookies’, this website will treat you as a new user whenever you access it, and will not save any information regarding your visits.

Simultaneously, not using cookies may result in certain features on the Website, such as "planning", the creation of "Remember and Share" records and printing content added to "Planning", becoming inoperable.


The Portal contains addresses of websites of companies and tourism entities and other sources of information that may be of interest to the visitor/user. Turismo de Portugal, IP disclaims any liability with regard to the information provided by these websites, nor does it have any control over the data protection or security policies of these websites.

Construance and Jurisdiction

The construance of these terms and conditions of use, as well as the resolution of any dispute arising under this site shall be governed exclusively by Portuguese law and shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Lisbon Courts.

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