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  1. Torre dos Alcoforados
    Torre dos Alcoforados

    TEL: +351 255 810 706
    FAX: +351 255 810 709
    MAIL: rotadoromanico@valsousa.pt
    WEBSITE: www.rotadoromanico.com

  2. Torre dos Clérigos
    Torre dos Clérigos
    Genuine baroque work by Nicolau Nasoni, an ex-libris monument of the city of Porto.The Church of Clérigos (Ecclesiastics) is a genuine baroque masterpiece dating from the mid-18th century. It was designed by Nicolau Nasoni, an architect of Italian (...)

    TEL: +351 222 001 729

  3. Monuments
    Torre dos Ferreiros
    The Torre dos Ferreiros, classified as a national monument, reflects advances in medieval defensive techniques, with a portcullis and curved entrance passage.

  4. Monuments
    Torre, Capela ou Ermida de São Miguel-O-Anjo
    A sixteenth century construction on a rocky island in the river, designated a building of public interest and located in a Special Conservation Area. On the inside the building is octagonal, with three niches in the wall facing the river. The chapel (...)

  5. Monuments
    Torres de São Paulo e da Cadeia
    Torre de Sao Paulo and Torre da Cadeia Part of the medieval city walls, today the seminary bell tower.

  6. Monuments
    Torreão das Portas da Cidade
    An old and imposing watch tower, previously part of the city walls.

  7. Universidade de Coimbra
    Universidade de Coimbra
    A centre of learning, par excellence, the University of Coimbra was founded in 1290 and is one of the oldest in Europe, and was classified World heritage site by UNESCO; this classification includes also the Uptown and Sofia Street.Founded in 1290 (...)

    TEL: +351 239 859 800
    FAX: +351 239 825 841
    MAIL: webmaster@ci.uc.pt
    WEBSITE: http://www.uc.pt

  8. Monuments
    Vigia do Facho
    A watch tower which was part of the system for defending the entrance to the Tagus estuary.The tower is in a poor state of repair, but maintains its original structure and is classified as a building of public interest.

  9. Archaeology
    Villa lusitano-romana Santa Vitória do Ameixial
    Lusitanian-Roman Villa of Santa Vitória do Ameixial Villa where mosaics from the 3rd and 4th centuries have been found. The baths and a portion of the residential area have been excavated.

  10. Villa Romana de Milreu
    Villa Romana de Milreu
    Opulent villa of the Roman Empire whose occupation lasted during late antiquity and the early centuries of islamic domain. It is still possible to perceive the architectural aspect of the villa from the early 4th century, with the luxurious (...)

    TEL: +351 289 997 823
    FAX: +351 289 997 823
    MAIL: milreu@cultalg.pt
    WEBSITE: www.cultalg.pt


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