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  1. Ponta Delgada
    Towns and Villages
    Ponta Delgada

  2. Setúbal
    Towns and Villages
    Setúbal was inhabited in ancient times by the Phoenicians, and by the Romans who settled on the south bank of the River Sado (in Tróia, opposite the present town), who called it Cetobriga, from which the name Setúbal is derived.It was the Romans who (...)

  3. Ponte de Lima
    Towns and Villages
    Ponte de Lima
    The Roman bridge that gave its name to this very ancient and very beautiful town, which received its first charter in 1125 from D. Teresa, the mother of the first king of Portugal (a number of years before the foundation of the kingdom).In the (...)

  4. Reguengos de Monsaraz
    Towns and Villages
    Reguengos de Monsaraz
    The history of Reguengos has frequently been confused over the years with that of Monsaraz, since the limits of the municipality were exactly the same until 1838, the year when the municipal seat was moved to Reguengos, a situation which contributed (...)

  5. Piodão
    Towns and Villages
    Buried deep in the Serra do Açor (a protected landscape area), which is full of breathtaking views, springs and pastureland, the historical village of Piódão is reminiscent of a crib because of the harmonious way in which its houses are arranged in (...)

  6. Angra do Heroísmo
    Towns and Villages
    Angra do Heroísmo

  7. Caminha
    Towns and Villages
    A fortified border town situated at the mouth of the River Minho, where several battles were fought between Portugal and Spain, Caminha now enjoys much more friendly relations with its neighbour and there is a daily ferry-boat linking the two banks (...)

  8. Sortelha
    Towns and Villages
    Surmounted by a castle built on a formidable crag at an altitude of 760 metres, Sortelha still retains its mediaeval appearance intact through the architecture of its rural granite houses.Sortelha had therefore part of an important line of defence (...)

  9. Lisboa
    Towns and Villages
    On the right bank of the broad Tagus river estuary, the capital of Portugal graciously reclines over rolling hills. This is a spectacular geographical location and does much to explain the cosmopolitan history of the city. Its exceptional natural (...)

  10. Belmonte
    Towns and Villages
    All roads in this ancient settlement - its first charter was granted by king Sancho I in 1199- lead up to the hilltop granite castle. A document dated 1258 describes the construction: the lofty donjon, walls, bulwarks and the noble residence. (...)


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