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  1. Paths of Faith
    Paths of Faith
    See some of the places of worship and religious celebration in Portugal in the film Paths of Faith. Divided into three themes - Devotion and Religious Celebrations, Jewish Legacy, and Ways of St. James - the film showcases the rich cultural, (...)

  2. The Best Of The Alentejo
    The Best Of The Alentejo
    The Alentejo is situated in the south of Portugal, between the River Tagus (Tejo) and the Algarve. To the east, its frontier is with Spain and to the west it is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. It is an extensive region, essentially rural and thinly (...)

  3. Alentejo Museum Guide
    Alentejo Museum Guide
    This route map is published with the aim of sharing the heritage held in the museums of the Alentejo region, to achieve continuity in the relationships created between the history of heritage, art and religion.

  4. Introducing Madeira Islands
    Introducing Madeira Islands

  5. Portugal - The Beauty of Simplicity
    Portugal - The Beauty of Simplicity
    See the film about Portugal and discover the simple beauty of an authentic, surprising and seductive country, where life is savoured at every moment.Pristine landscapes, vibrant cities full of excitement, a rich historical and monumental heritage, (...)

  6. Living in Portugal
    Living in Portugal
    Welcome to Portugal.Welcome Home.

  7. Guide to Nature Tourism in the Algarve
    Guide to Nature Tourism in the Algarve

  8. Portugal - China / Closer than you think
    Portugal - China / Closer than you think
    Portugal Tourism Destination Promotion in China (english version)

  9. The Ways of Saint James (beginning at Porto)
    The Ways of Saint James (beginning at Porto)
    Porto is the crossroads of three routes to Santiago: the Central or Main Portuguese Way, the Portuguese Way via Braga and the Coastal Portuguese Way.

  10. Portugal - Jewish Legacy (leaflet)
    Portugal - Jewish Legacy (leaflet)
    This leaflet presents a summary of Portugal’s Sephardic jewish heritage, comprising the historic  and cultural heritage of a community that left deep and decisive marks on the development of the country over the ages.


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