Igreja dos Clérigos

Igreja dos Clérigos


The church of Clérigos (Ecclesiastics) seems to have stepped out of an Italian city and is also known as the New Chapel or Chapel of Saint Peter the New.

In fact, its architect, Nicolau Nasoni, did risk a genuinely Italian inspired baroque style. The frontal façade is elegant and harmonious and supported by two pairs of Tuscan columns resting on bases adorned with vegetal motifs. These frame an elegant porchway leading onto an ocular entrance surrounded by excellent architectonic work.

The raised finial, of sumptuous grace, forms a broad arch on which stands a sculpture of the Apostle Saint Peter, flanked by two archangels.

Inside, there is a single nave with impressive tiling depicting scenes from the Evangelists on lower sections of the walls. There are also valuable retables of which the most impressive is the main altar.

Largo da Capela Nova  5000 Vila Real

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