Caldas Santas de Carvalhelhos

Caldas Santas de Carvalhelhos

Thermal Baths

The magestic and imponent region of Barroso, in Trás-os-Montes, is the set of Águas Santas de Carvalhelhos springs, which waters are known since the romanization period.

Apart from the magnificent show of nature in all its strength and plenitude, a stay in this region offers the possibility of meeting the features of a millenary culture, evident in strongly marked and particularly curious practises and traditions.

Rua das Caldas (EN 520-1), 12 5460 Carvalhelhos / Boticas
+351 276 410 300
+351 276 410 301

Water type
: Bicarbonated, sodic and fluorinated
pH level
: 7.9
Water temperature
: 22
Accommodation facilities available
Bathing Season
: From July to September
Leisure activities: Training circuit, fishing and hunting

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