Pulo do Lobo

Pulo do Lobo
Pulo do Lobo


Pulo do Lobo (literally Wolf`s Leap) is a waterfall located at an altitude of between 33 and 35 metres in a very narrow gorge in the River Guadiana. The difference in levels is caused by the effects over time produced by the various geological eras.

According to legend, only a brave man or a wild animal when chased could leap over this gorge.
Observing the course of the river from the viewpoint overlooking the gorge on the right bank, it can be seen that the river has two beds upstream: one is wider and consists of rounded shapes undoubtedly formed by the activity of a glacier, and, in the centre of this, is the river`s present-day bed, visible as a deeper channel carved out by the erosion of the water.
It is down this deep gorge, which gradually becomes more rounded, that the River Guadiana flows until it reaches Mértola.

Pulo do Lobo can be reached on either bank, from the village of Amendoeira, on the road from Mértola to Beja (left bank), or, if coming from Serpa, via the village of Vale de Poços, where the route is signposted to the right (right bank).
Both routes are clearly marked and viewpoints are provided at the end of the track.
The best view of the waterfall is, however, gained from the right bank. Further on, you can see Pego dos Sáveis, where the river suddenly becomes becalmed and forms a peaceful-looking lake.
If you`re planning to visit this area on foot in order to fully appreciate the river`s great beauty, you must be very careful, especially if you have children with you, for the terrain is very uneven here.

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